Series Monográficas: SMF/AMS texts and monographs


Vol. 15 Audin, Michèle
Hamiltonian systems and their integrability
QA614.83 A8313

Vol. 7 Otal, Jean Pierre
The hyperbolization theorem for fibered 3-manifolds
QA612.4 O7313

Vol. 14 Royer, Gilles
An Initiation to Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities
QA313 R6913

Vol. 6 Manivel, Laurent
Symmetric functions, Schubert polynomials, and degeneracy loci
QA212 M3513

Vol. 13 Biquard, Olivier
Asymptotically symmetric Einstein metrics
QA649 B5613

Vol. 5 Alpay, Daniel
The Schur algorithm, reproducing kernel spaces and system theory
QA322.4 A5413

Vol. 12 Morel, Fabien
Homotopy theory of schemes
QA564 M6513

Vol. 4 Le Calvez, Patrice
Dynamical properties of diffeomorphisms of the annulus and of the torus
QA613.65 L413

Vol. 11 Debarre, Olivier
Complex tori and Abelian varieties
QA571 D4313

Vol. 3 Perrin-Riou, Bernadette
p-adic L-functions and p-adic representations
QA247 P46813

Vol. 10 Cerveau, Dominique; Ghys, Étienne; Sibony, Nessim; Yoccoz, Jean-Christophe (colabs.)
Complex dynamics and geometry
QA614.8 D99613

Vol. 2 Zinsmeister, Michel
Thermodynamic formalism and holomorphic dynamical systems
QA614 Z5513

Vol. 9 Buff, Xavier; Fehrenbach, Jérôme; Lochak, Pierre; Schneps, Leila; Vogel, Pierre (colabs.)
Moduli spaces of curves, mapping class groups and field theory
QA565 E7613

Vol. 1 Voisin, Claire
Mirror symmetry
QC174.17S9 V6513

Vol. 8 Bertin, José; Demailly, Jean-Pierre; Illusie, luc; Peters, Chris (colabs.)
Introduction to Hodge Theory
QA564 I57713

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