Series Monográficas: CRM proceedings & lecture Notes


Vol. 55 Boivin, Andre; Mashreghi, Javad (Eds.)
Complex analysis and potential theory
QA331.7 C657

Vol. 30 McKay, John; Sebbar, Abdellah (Eds.)
Proceedings on moonshine and related topics 
QA326 P76

Vol. 54 Daigle, Daniel; Ganong, Richard; Koras, Mariusz (Eds.)
Affine algebraic geometry : the Russell festschrift
QA477 A34

Vol. 29 Coley, A. A.; Levi, Decio; Milson, RObert; ROgers, Colin, Winsternitz (Eds.) 
Bäcklund and Darboux transformations : the geometry of solitons : AARMS-CRM Workshop, june 4-9, 1999, Halifax, N.S., Canada 
QC174.26W28 A3 1999

Vol. 53 Hart, Bradd T.; Kucera, Thomas G.; Pillay, Anand; Scott, Philip J.; Seely, Robert A. G. (Eds.)
Models, logics, and higher-dimensional categories : a tribute to the work of Mihaly Makkai
QA9.7 M65

Vol. 28 Taylor, John Christopher (Ed.)
Topics in probability and Lie groups : boundary theory 
QA273.A1 T65 1992

Vol. 52 Jakobson, Dmitry; Nonnenmacher, Stephane; Polterovich, Iosif (Eds.)
Spectrum and dynamics : proceedings of the workshop held in Montreal, QC, April 7--11, 2008
QA614.8 S67

Vol. 27 Sigal, Israel Michael; Sulem, Catherine (Eds.) 
Nonlinear dynamics and renormalization group 
QC20.7R43 N65

Vol. 51 Mashreghi, Javad; Ransford, Thomas; Seip, Kristian (Eds.)
Hilbert spaces of analytic functions
QA322.4 H55

Vol. 50 Kotiuga, P. Robert (Ed.)
A Celebration of the mathematical legacy of Raoul Bott
QA446 C42

Vol. 25 Levi, Decio; Ragnisco, Orlando (Eds.) 
SIDE III : Symmetries and integrability of difference equations 
QA431 S95 2000

Vol. 49 Abreu, Miguel; Lalonde, Francois; Polterovich, Leonid (Eds.)
New perspectives and challenges in symplectic field theory
QA665 N48

Vol. 24 Gordon, B. Brent; Lewis, James D.; Müller-Stach, Stefan; Saito, Shuji (Eds.) 
The Arithmetic and geometry of algebraic cycles 
QA564 A73

Vol. 48 Avis, David; Bremner, D.; Deza, Antoine (Eds.)
Polyhedral computation
QA491 P65

Vol. 23 Hansen, Pierre; Marcotte, Odile (Eds.) 
Graph colouring and aplications
QA612.18 G73

Vol.  47 Harnad, John P.; Winternitz, Pavel
Groups and symmetries : from Neolithic Scots to John McKay
QA174 G748

Vol. 22 Van Diejen, Jan Felipe; Vinet, Luc (Eds.) 
Algebraic methods and q-special functions
QA404.5 A54

Vol. 46 Koninck, J. M. de; Granville, Andrew; Luca, Florian (Eds.) 
Anatomy of integers 
QA308 A53

Vol. 21 Fortin, Michel (Ed.) 
Plates and shells 
TA660.S5 P53

Vol. 45 Pardalos, P. M.; Hansen, P. (Eds.) 
Data mining and mathematical programming 
QA402.5 D38

Vol. 20 Coughlin, Katie (Ed.)
Semi-analytic methods for the Navier-Stokes equations
QA929 S45

Vol. 44 Alama, Stanley; Bronsard, Lia; Sternberg, Peter J. (Eds.) 
Singularities in PDE and the calculus of variations 
QC20.7S54 S55

Vol. 43 Granville, Andrew; Nathanson, Melvyn Bernard; Solymosi, Jozsef (Eds.) 
Additive combinatorics 
QA164 C75

Vol. 18 Dubuc, Serge; Deslauriers, Gilles (Eds.) 
Spline functions and the theory of wavelets
QA224 S65

Vol. 42 Dawson, Donald Andrew; Jaksic, Vojkan; Vainberg, Boris Rufimovich (Eds.)
Probability and mathematical physics : a volume in honor of Stanislav Molchanov 
QC20.7P7 P77

Vol. 17 Kharlampovich, Olga (Ed.) 
Summer School in Group Theory in Banff, 1996 
QA174 S85 1996

Vol. 41 Bandrauk, André D.; Delfour, Michel C.; Le Bris, Claude (Eds.) 
High-dimensional partial differential equations in science and engineering 
QA377 H54

Vol. 16 Vincent, Alain P. (Ed.) 
Numerical methods in fluid mechanics 
QC145.2 N85

Vol. 40 Apostolov, Vestislav; Dancer, A.; Hitchin, N.; Wang, M. (Eds.) 
Perspectives in Riemannian geometry
QA649 P464

Vol. 15 Lalonde, Francois (Ed.) 
Geometry, topology, and dynamics 
QA641 G47

Vol. 39 Winternitz, Pavel; Gomez-Ullate, D.; Iserles, A.; Levi, D.; Olver, P. J.; Quispel, R.; Tempesta, P. (Eds.) 
Group theory and numerical analysis 
QA174 W67

Vol. 14 Harnad, John P.; Kasman, Alex (Eds.) 
The bispectral problem 
QA193 B57

Vol. 38 Hurtubise, Jacques; Markman, Eyal (Eds.) 
Algebraic structures and moduli spaces : CRM Workshop, July 14-20, 2003, Montréal, Canada 
QA162 A536

Vol. 13 Delfour, Michel C. (Ed.) 
Boundaries, interfaces, and transitions 
QC20.7G44 B68

Vol. 37 Tempesta, Piergiulio; Winternitz, P.; Harnad, J.; Miller, W.; Pogosyan, G. (Eds.) 
Superintegrability in classical and quantum systems 
QC20.7H35 W67

Vol. 12 Greiner, Peter Charles... et al. (Ed.) 
Partial differential equations and their applications
QA377 P3744

Vol. 36 Kisilevsky, Hershy; Goren, Eyal Zvi (Eds.)
Number theory : Canadian Number Theory Association VII, Montreal, May 19-25, 2002 
QA241 C355 2002

Vol. 11 Vinet, Luc (Ed.) 
Advances in mathematical sciences--CRM’s 25 years
QA7 A38

Vol. 35 Campbell, Harold Edward Alexander Eddy; Wehlau, David L. (Eds.) 
Invariant theory in all characteristics 
QA201 I585

Vol. 34 Winternitz, Pavel; Harnad, J.; Lam, C. S.; Patera, J. (Eds.)
Symmetry in physics : in memory of Robert T. Sharp 
QC174.17S9 W67

Vol. 9. Levi, Decio; Vinet, Luc; Winternitz, Pavel (Eds.) 
Symmetries and integrability of difference equations 
QA431 S95 1996

Vol. 33 Bandrauk, Andre D.; Delfour, Michel C.; Le Bris, Claude (Eds.) 
Quantum control : mathematical and numerical challenges : CRM workshop, October 6-11, 2002, Montreal, Canada 
QC689.5L35 Q83

Vol. 8 Feldman, Joel S.; Froese, Richard Gerd; Rosen, Lon M. (Eds.) 
Mathematical quantum theory II : Schrodinger operators 
QC174.17S3 M37

Vol. 32 Kuznetsov, Vadim B. (Ed.) 
The Kowalevski property 
QA614.8 K68

Vol. 7. Feldman, Joel S.; Froese, Richard Gerd; Rosen, Lon M. (Eds.) 
Mathematical quantum theory I : field theory and many-body theory 
QC174.45A1 M37

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