Series Monográficas: Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics (ZLAM)


Vol. 11 Barvinok, Alexander
Integer points in polyhedra
QA171.5 B37

Vol. 21 Serfaty, Sylvia
Coulomb gases and Ginzburg–Landau vortices
QC174.8 S45

Vol. 9 Schmitt, Alexander H. W.
Geometric invariant theory and decorated principal bundles
QA564 S344

Vol. 19 Marsh, Robert J.
Lecture notes on cluster algebras
QA251.3 M355

Vol. 7 De Lellis, Camillo
Rectifiable sets, densities and tangent measures
QA312 D435

Vol. 18 Gallagher, Isabelle
From Newton to Boltzmann : hard spheres and short-range potentials
QC175.2 M325 2013

Vol. 6 Christodoulou, Demetrios
Mathematical problems of general relativity I
QC173.6 C46

Vol. 17 Labourie, François
Lectures on representations of surface groups
QA387 L335

Vol. 16 Sznitman, Alain-Sol
Topics in occupation times and Gaussian free fields
QA274.4 S95

Vol. 4 Etingof, Pavel I.
Calogero-Moser systems and representation theory
QA251.5 E75

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