Series Monográficas: Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics (ZLAM)


Vol. 11 Barvinok, Alexander
Integer points in polyhedra
QA171.5 B37

Vol. 21 Serfaty, Sylvia
Coulomb gases and Ginzburg–Landau vortices
QC174.8 S45

Vol. 10 Farber, Michael
Invitation to topological robotics
QA611 F37

Vol. 19 Marsh, Robert J.
Lecture notes on cluster algebras
QA251.3 M355

Vol. 8 Seidel, Paul
Fukaya categories and Picard-Lefshetz theory
QA665 S45

Vol. 18 Gallagher, Isabelle
From Newton to Boltzmann : hard spheres and short-range potentials
QC175.2 M325 2013

Vol. 7 De Lellis, Camillo
Rectifiable sets, densities and tangent measures
QA312 D435

Vol. 17 Labourie, François
Lectures on representations of surface groups
QA387 L335

Vol. 6 Christodoulou, Demetrios
Mathematical problems of general relativity I
QC173.6 C46

Vol. 16 Sznitman, Alain-Sol
Topics in occupation times and Gaussian free fields
QA274.4 S95

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