Student mathematical library


Vol.  79 Tapp, Kristopher 
Matrix groups for undergraduates. -- 2nd ed.
QA184.2 T37 2016

Vol. 78 Nelson, Gail Susan   
A user-friendly introduction to Lebesgue measure and integration
QC20.7M43 N45

Vol. 77 Kuhnel, Wolfgang
Differential geometry : curves, surfaces, manifolds
QA641 K8413 2015

Vol. 76 Roe, John  
Winding around : the winding number in topology, geometry, and analysis
QA299.8 R64

Vol. 75 Kantor, Ida; Matousek, Jiri; Samal, Robert  
Mathematics++ : selected topics beyond the basic courses
QA11.2 K35

Vol. 74 Elhamdadi, Mohamed; Nelson, Sam
Quandles : an introduction to the algebra of knots
QA612.2 E57

Vol. 69 Levi, Mark  
Classical mechanics with calculus of variations, and optimal control : an intuitive introduction
QA805 L44 (No acceso electrónico)

Vol. 27. Illner, Reinhard; Bohun, C. Sean; McCollum, Samantha; Roode, Thea van 
Mathematical modelling : a case studies approach 
QA401 M377 (No acceso electrónico)

Vol. 16. Kuhnel, Wolfgang
Differential geometry : curves-surfaces-manifolds 
QA641 K8413 (No acceso electrónico)

Vol. 5. Mehlmann, Alexander 
The game’s afoot! : game theory in myth and paradox
QA269 M4413 (No acceso electrónico)

Vol. 3. Knobel, Roger 
An introduction to the mathematical theory of waves 
QA927 K56 (No acceso electrónico)