SMF/AMS texts and monographs


Vol. 15 Audin, Michèle  
Hamiltonian systems and their integrability
QA614.83 A8313

Vol. 14 Royer, Gilles    
An Initiation to Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities
QA313 R6913

Vol. 13 Biquard, Olivier   
Asymptotically symmetric Einstein metrics
QA649 B5613

Vol. 12 Morel, Fabien    
Homotopy theory of schemes
QA564 M6513

Vol. 11 Debarre, Olivier   
Complex tori and Abelian varieties
QA571 D4313

Vol. 10 Cerveau, Dominique;  Ghys, Étienne; Sibony, Nessim; Yoccoz, Jean-Christophe (colabs.)
Complex dynamics and geometry
QA614.8 D99613

Vol. 9 Buff, Xavier; Fehrenbach, Jérôme; Lochak, Pierre; Schneps, Leila;  Vogel, Pierre (colabs.)
Moduli spaces of curves, mapping class groups and field theory
QA565 E7613

Vol. 8  Bertin, José; Demailly, Jean-Pierre; Illusie, luc;  Peters, Chris (colabs.)  
Introduction to Hodge Theory
QA564 I57713

Vol. 7 Otal, Jean Pierre   
The hyperbolization theorem for fibered 3-manifolds
QA612.4 O7313

Vol. 6 Manivel, Laurent  
Symmetric functions, Schubert polynomials, and degeneracy loci
QA212 M3513

Vol. 5 Alpay, Daniel  
The Schur algorithm, reproducing kernel spaces and system theory
QA322.4 A5413

Vol. 4 Le Calvez, Patrice   
Dynamical properties of diffeomorphisms of the annulus and of the torus
QA613.65 L413

Vol. 3  Perrin-Riou, Bernadette  
p-adic L-functions and p-adic representations
QA247 P46813

Vol. 2 Zinsmeister, Michel  
Thermodynamic formalism and holomorphic dynamical systems
QA614 Z5513

Vol. 1 Voisin, Claire  
Mirror symmetry
QC174.17S9 V6513