Series on knots and everything


Vol. 57  Sirag, Saul Paul
ADEX theory : how the ADE Coxeter graphs unify mathematics and physics
QA177 S57

Vol. 55  Avrin, Jack
Knots, braids and Möbius strips : particle physics and the geometry of elementarity : an alternative view
QC793.3G46 A87

Vol. 54 Amson, John C.; Kauffman,  Louis H. (Eds.)   
Scientific Essays in Honor of H Pierre Noyes on the Occasion of His 90th Birthday
En proceso de adquisición

Vol. 52 Hillman, Jonathan Arthur
Algebraic invariants of links. 2nd ed. 
QA612.2 H555 2012

Vol. 51 Manturov, V. O.; Manturov, V. O. 
Virtual knots : the state of the art 
QA612.2 M3613

Vol.  50 Novikov, S. P.; Taimanov, I. A.; Golubyatnikov, V. P. 
Topological library. Part. 3. Spectral sequences in topology
QA613.66 T6613

Vol. 49 Radford, David E. 
Hopf algebras
QA613.8 R33

Vol. 48 Carter, J. Scott 
An excursion in diagrammatic algebra : turning a sphere from red to blue
QA612.14 C36

Vol. 46 Kauffman, Louis H.; Lambropoulou, Sofia; Jablan, Slavik; Przytycki, Jozef H.
Introductory lectures on knot theory
QA612.2 I58

Vol. 45 Rauscher, Elizabeth A.; Amoroso, Richard L.
Orbiting the moons of pluto : Complex Solutions to the Einstein, Maxwell, Schrödinger and Dirac Equations
En el Instituto de Geología

Vol. 44 Novikov, Sergeæi Petrovich; Taæimanov, Iskander Asanovich (Eds.)
Topological library. Part 2: Characteristic Classes and Smooth Structures on Manifolds
QA613.66 T6613

Vol. 42 Bastin, Ted
The origin of discrete particles
QC793.16 B37 (En Biblioteca de la Unidad Académica de Cuernavaca)

Vol. 41 Rowlands, Peter
Zero to infinity : the foundations of physics
QC21.3 R69

Vol. 40 Carter, J. Scott.; Kamada, Selichi; Kauffman, Louis H.; Kawauchi, Akio; Kohno, Toshitake
Intelligence of Low Dimensional Topology 2006 : Hiroshima, Japan : 22-26 july 2006
QA612.14 I57

Vol. 39 Novikov, Sergeæi Petrovich; Taæimanov, Iskander Asanovich; Manturov, Vassily Olegovich (Eds.)
Topological library. Part 1. Cobordisms and their applications
QA613.66 T6613

Vol. 38 Mahdavi, Kazem; Culshaw, Rebecca; Boucher, John (Eds.)
Current developments in mathematical biology : proceedings of the Conference on Mathematical Biology and Dynamical Systems, the University of Texas at Tyler, 7-9 October 2005
QH323.5 C665 2005

Vol. 37 Thomas, Gerald Harper
Geometry, language and strategy
QA269 T578

Vol. 36 Calvo, Jorge Alberto (Ed.)
Physical and numerical models in knot theory : including applications to the life sciences
QA612.2 P49

Vol. 35 Sabelli, Hector C.
Bios : a study of creation
Q175 S1853

Vol. 34 Tongring, Nils; Penner, R. C. (Eds.)
Woods hole mathematics : perspectives in mathematics and physics
QC20 W656

Vol. 33 O’Hara, Jun
Energy of knots and conformal geometry
QA612.2 O36

Vol. 32 Hillman, Jonathan Arthur
Algebraic invariants of links
QA612.2 H555

Vol. 31 Hawkins, Gerald S.
Mindsteps to the cosmos
QB15 H38 (En Biblioteca del Instituto de Astronomía)

Vol. 30 Jablan, Slavik V.
Symmetry, ornament and modularity
Q172.5S95 J33

Vol. 29 Ohtsuki, Tomotada
Quantum invariants : a study of knots, 3-manifolds, and their sets
QC174.52C66 O47

Vol. 28 Kappraff, Jay
Beyond measure : a guided tour through nature, myth, and number
QA445 K355

Vol. 27 Noyes, H. Pierre
Bit-string physics : a finite and discrete approach to natural philosophy
QC5.58 N69 (En Biblioteca de la Unidad Académica de Cuernavaca)

Vol. 26 Yetter, David N. 
Functorial knot theory : categories of tangles, coherence, categorical deformations, and topological invariants
QA612.2 Y47

Vol. 25 Kappraff, Jay
Connections : the geometric bridge between art and science. 2nd ed.
QA447 K36 2001

Vol. 24 Gordon, C. McA. (Ed.)
Knots in Hellas’98 : proceedings of the International Conference on Knot Theory and its Ramifications : European Cultural Centre of Delphi Greece, 7-15 August 1998
QA612.2 I57

Vol. 23 Hellerstein, N. S.
Diamond : a paradox logic. 2nd ed. 
QA9 H377 2010

Vol. 22 Stakhov, A. P.; Olsen, Scott Anthony
The mathematics of harmony : from Euclid to contemporary mathematics and computer science
QA246.5 S73

Vol. 21 Jablan, Slavik V.; Sazdanovi c, Radmila (Eds.)
LinKnot : knot theory by computer
QA612.2 J33

Vol. 20 Aneziris, Charilaos N.
The mystery of knots : computer programming for knot tabulation
QA612.2 A54

Vol. 19 Stasiak, A.; Katritch, V.; Kauffman, Louis H. (Eds.)
Ideal knots
QA612.2 I34

Vol. 18 Rosen, Steven M. 
The self-evolving cosmos : a phenomenological approach to nature’s unity-in-diversity
QC6 R66 2008le (disponible en Red UNAM como libro electrónico)

Vol. 17 Dang, Yumei; Kauffman, Louis H.; Sandin, Daniel J.
Hypercomplex iterations : distance estimation and higher dimensional fractals
QA297.8 D35

Vol. 16 Hellerstein, N. S. K. 
Delta : a paradox logic
QA9 H45

Vol. 15 Suzuki, Shin’ichi (Ed.)
Lectures at Knots ’96 : International Conference Center, Waseda Univ., Tokyo, 22-31 July 1996
QA612.2 L43

Vol. 14 Hellerstein, Nathaniel
Diamond, a paradox logic
QA9 H377 1996

Vol. 13 Armel, Jack.
Entropic spacetime theory (en formato electrónico Red UNAM)
QC173.59S65 A75 1996 (En Instituto de Astronomía)

Vol. 12 Edmonds, James D.
Relativistic reality : a modern view
QC173.59S65 E35

Vol. 11 Turner, John Christopher; Griend, P. C. van de (Eds.)
History and science of knots
VM533 H57 1996

Vol. 10 Honig, William M.
Nonstandard logics and nonstandard metrics in physics
QC20.7A5 H65 (En Biblioteca del Instituto de Investigaciones Nucleares)

Vol. 9 Bastin, Ted; Kilmister, Clive William
Combinatorial physics
QC6 B375 1995

Vol. 8 Miles, Roger Edmund
Symmetric bends : how to join two lengths of cord
QA612.2 M53 1995

Vol. 7 Millett, Kenneth C.; Sumners, De Witt L. (Eds.)
Random knotting and linking
QA612.2 R35 1994

Vol. 6 Kauffman, Louis H. (Ed.)
Knots and applications
QC20.7K56 K56 1995

Vol. 5 Lins, Sostenes
Gems, computers, and attractors for 3-manifolds
QA613.2 L55 1995

Vol. 4 Baez, John C.; Muniain, Javier P.
Gauge fields, knots, and gravity
QC793.3F5 B34

Vol. 3 Kauffman, Louis H. ; Baadhio, Randy A.
Quantum topology
QC174.45 K38

Vol. 2 Carter, J. Scott
How surfaces intersect in space : an introduction to topology. 2n ed.
QA611 C367 1995

Vol. 1 Kauffman, Lousi H.
Knots and physics. 3rd ed.
QC20.7P65 K38 2001