Series Monográficas: Memoirs of the AMS


Vol. 620. Guba, Victor; Sapir, Mark
Diagram groups
QA183 G83

Vol. 545. Lewis, John L.; Murray, Margaret Anne Marie
The method of layer potentials for the heat equation in time-varying domains
QA377 L49

Vol. 544. Walther, Hans-Otto
The 2-dimensional attractor of x(t)=-[mu]x(t)+f(x(t-1))
QA371 W357

Vol. 618. Hofmann, Karl Heinrich; Ruppert, Wolfgang
Lie groups and subsemigroups with surjective exponential fuction
QA387 H642

Vol. 543. Greenlees, John Patrick Campbell; May, J. Peter
Generalized Tate cohomology
QA612.3 G74

Vol. 615. Dritschel, Michael A.; Woerdeman, Hugo Jan
Model theory and linear extreme points in the numerical radius unit ball
QA329.2 D75

Vol. 540. Lin, Vladimir IAkovlevich; Pinchover, Yehuda
Manifolds with group actions and elliptic operators
QA329.42 L55

Vol. 614. Warren, Richard;
The structure of k-CS-transitive cycle-free partial orders
QA171.485 W37

Vol. 539. Butler, Lynne M.
Subgroup lattices and symmetric functions
QA212 B87 (En Unidad Morelia)

Vol. 613. Flannery, Dane Laurence
The Finite irreducible linear 2-groups of degree 4
QA176 F53

Vol. 612. Porti, Joan
Torsion de Reidemeister pour les varietes hyperboliques
QA613.2 P67


Vol. 537. Evstigneev, I. V.; Greenwood, P. E.
Markov fields over countable partially ordered sets : extrema and splitting
QA274.45 E87

Vol. 611. Ginzburg, David; Piatetski-Shapiro; Rallis, S.
L-functions for the orthogonal group
QA247 G55

Vol. 536. Hagedorn, George Allan
Molecular propagation through electron energy level crossings
QA851 H337

Vol. 610. Hovey, Mark; Palmieri, John Harold; Strickland, Neil P.
Axiomatic stable homotopy theory
QA612.7 H68

Vol. 535. Levin, A. L.; Lubinsky, Doron Shaul
Christoffel functions and orthogonal polynomials for exponential weights
QA404.5 L47

Vol. 604. Andreka, H.; Givant, Steven R.
Decision problems for equational theories of relation algebras
QA10 A56

Vol. 529. Friedlander, Eric M.; Mazur, Barry
Filtrations on the homology of algebraic varieties
QA564 F75

Vol. 603. Allison, Bruce Normansell (Colab.)
Extended affine Lie algebras and their root systems
QA252.3 E97

Vol. 528. Jardine, J. F.
Higher spinor classes
QA243 J37

Vol. 527. Dula, Giora; Schultz, Reinhard
Diagram cohomology and isovariant homotopy theory
QA612.79 D85

Vol. 601. Graver, Jack E.; Watkins, Mark E.
Locally finite, planar, edge-transitive graphs
QA166.22 G73 1997

Vol. 526. Goto, Shiro; Nishida, Koji
The Cohen-Macaulay and Gorenstein rees algebras associated to filtrations
QA251.3 G68

Vol. 600. Sengupta, Ambar
Gauge theory on compact surfaces
QC174.45 S435 1997

Vol. 523. Freidlin, Mark Iosifovich; Wentzell, Alexander D.
Random perturbations of hamiltonian systems
QA614.83 F74

Vol. 597. Buchweitz, Ragnar-Olaf; Millson, John James
CR-geometry and deformations of isolated singularities
QA649 B83 1997

Vol. 522. Pincus, Joel D.; Zhou, Shaojie
Principal currents for a pair of unitary operators
QA329.2 P55

Vol. 596. Bourdon, Paul.
Cyclic phenomena for composition operators
QA329.2 B62

Vol. 521. Goodearl, K. R.; Lapidus, Michel L.
Prime ideals in skew and q-skew polynomial rings
QA247 G666

Vol. 594. Friedberg, Solomon; Jacquet, Herve
The Fundamental lemma of the Shalika subgroup of GL(4)
QA243 F75

Vol. 519. Mcgovern, William M.
Completely prime maximal ideals and quantization
QA252.3 M33

Vol. 593. Singh, Ajit Iqbal
Completely positive hypergroup actions
QA174.2 S55

Vol. 518. Carmona, Rene A.; Molchanov, Stanislav A.
Parabolic Anderson problem and intermittency
QA3.A57 C37

Vol. 591. Cline, Edward; Parshall, Brian; Scott, Leonard
Stratifying endomorphism algebras
QA179 C55

Vol. 516. Kadell, Kevin W. J.
A proof of the q-Macdonald-Morris conjecture for BCn
QA351 K33

Vol. 515. Ciesielski, Krzysztof; Larson, Lee; Ostaszewski, Krzysztof M.
I-density continuous functions
QA331 C543

Vol. 587. Jaffard, Stephane; Meyer, Yves
Wavelet methods for pointwise regularity and local oscillations of functions
QA403.3 J34

Vol. 512. Gonzalez-Dorrego, Maria del Rosario
(16,6) configurations and geometry of kummer surfaces in p3
QA320 G658

Vol. 586. Echterhoff, Siegfried;
Crossed products with continuous trace
QA326 E3

Vol. 511. Sable-Tougeron, Monique
Ondes de gradients multidimensionnelles
QA377 S33

Vol. 584. Barrett, Wayne Walton; Johnson, Charles R.; Loewy, Raphael
The real positive definite completion problem : cycle completability
QA166 B37 1996

Vol. 583. Nakagawa, Jin,
Orders of a quartic field
QA295 N35 1996

Vol. 508. Murasugi, Kunio; Przytycki, Jozef H.
An index of a graph with applications to knot theory
QA166.195 M87

Vol. 581. Schmidt, Martin Ulrich
Integrable systems and Riemann surfaces of infinite genus
QA614.83 S344

Vol. 506. Rieffel, Marc Aristide
Deformation quantization for actions of Rd
QC20.7G76 R54

Vol. 580. Liebeck, Martin W.; Seitz, Gary M. (Eds.)
Reductive subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups
QA179 L54

Vol. 505. Yau, Stephen Shing-Toung; Yu, Yung
Gorenstein quotient singularities in dimension three
QA614.58 Y38

Vol. 579. Kaplan, Samuel
Lebesgue theory in the bidual of C(X)
QA312 K347

Vol. 504. Phillips, Anthony Valiant; Stone, David A.
A topological Chern-Weil theory
QA613.618 P45

Vol. 503. Makkai, Michael
Duality and definability in first order logic
QA9 M345

Vol. 577. Dumortier, Freddy; Roussarie, Robert H.
Canard cycles and center manifolds
QA379 D85

Vol. 576. Bennett, Grahame
Factorizing the classical inequalities
QA295 B45

Vol. 501. Dancer, Edward Norman
Weakly nonlinear Dirichlet problems on long or thin domains
QA425 D35

Vol. 575. Happel, Dieter; Reiten, Idun; Smal, Sverre O.
Tilting in Abelian categories and quasitilted algebras
QA251.5 H36

Vol. 574. Field, Michael John
Symmetry breaking for compact lie groups
QA372 F53

Vol. 499. Neeb, Karl-Hermann
Invariant subsemigroups of Lie groups
QA252.3 N44

Vol. 498. Nikiel, Jacek; Tuncali, H. M.; Tymchatyn, E. D.
Continuous images of arcs and inverse limit methods
QA611.3 N55

Vol. 571. Kurland, Henry L.
Intersection pairings on Conley indices
QA614.8 K86

Vol. 496. Kochman, Stanley O.
Symplectic cobordism and the computation of stable stems
QA613.66 K633

Vol. 570. Fiedler, Bernold; Scheurle, Jurgen
Discretization of homoclinic orbits, rapid forcing, and invisible chaos
QA614.8 F54

Vol. 495. Ji, Min; Wang, Guang Yin
Minimal surfaces in riemannian manifolds
QA644 J55

Vol. 494. Frenkel, Igor; Huang, Yi-Zhi; Lepowsky, James
On axiomatic approaches to vertex operator algebras and modules
QA326 F73

Vol. 568. Curto, Raul E.; Fialkow, Lawrence A.
Solution of the truncated complex moment problem for flat data
QA401 C87

Vol. 493. Kalton, Nigel John
Lattice structures on Banach spaces
QA326 K34

Vol. 567. Levi, Ran
On finite groups and homotopy theory
QA177 L48

Vol. 492. Faticoni, Theodore Gerard
Categories of modules over endomorphism rings
QA251.5 F37

Vol. 566. Robertson, Neil; Seymour, Paul D.; Thomas, Robin
Excluding infinite clique minors
QA166.195 R63

Vol. 491. Farrell, Tom; Jones, Lowell
Markov cell structures near a hyperbolic set
QA613.65 F37

Vol. 565. Lin, Huaxin; Phillips, Norman Christopher
Classification of direct limits of even Cuntz-circle algebras
QA326 L554

Vol. 490. Hochster, Melvin; Huneke, Craig
Phantom homology
QA251.3 H59

Vol. 563. Gesztesy, Fritz; Svirsky, Roman
m)KdV solitons on the background of quasi-periodic finite-gap solutions
QC174.26W28 G47

Vol. 488. Jantzen, Chris
Degenerate principal series for symplectic groups
QA247 J357

Vol. 562. Orr, John Lindsay
Triangular algebras and ideals of nest algebras
QA326 O77

Vol. 561. Gilman, Jane;
Two-generator discrete subgroups of PSL (2, R)
QA331 G55

Vol. 486. Boe, Brian D.; Collingwood, David H.
Enright-Shelton theory and Vogan's problem for generalized principal series
QA387 B64

Vol. 560. Tomi, Friedrich; Tromba, Anthony
The index theorem for minimal surfaces of higher genus
QA644 T66

Vol. 559. Muhly, Paul S.; Solel, Baruch
Hilbert modules over operator algebras
QA326 M84

Vol. 482. Gordon, Robert
QA169 G67

Vol. 556. Nebe, Gabriele; Plesken, Wilhelm
Finite rational matrix groups
QA171 N43

Vol. 481. Ize, Jorge; Massabo, Ivar; Vignoli, Alfonso
Degree theory for equivariant maps, the general s1-action
QA612 I94

Vol. 555. Feder, Tomas
Stable networks and product graphs
QA267 F43

Vol. 480. Grinblat, Leonid S.
On sets not belonging to algebras of subsets
QA248 G75

Vol. 554. Beltrametti, Mauro; Schneider, Michael; Sommese, Andrew John
Some special properties of the adjunction theory for 3-folds in P5
QA564 B443

Vol. 553. Andradas, Carlos
Algebraic and analytic geometry of fans
QA564 A532

Vol. 478. Wente, Henry C.
Constant mean curvature immersions of Enneper type
QA644 W45

Vol. 477. Andrews, George E.; Berndt, B. C.; Jacobsen, L.; Lamphere, R. L.
The continued fractions found in the unorganized portions of Ramanujan's notebooks
QA295 C66

Vol. 551. Ballot, Christian
Density of prime divisors of linear recurrences
QA242 B35

Vol. 476. Hales, Thomas Callister;
The subregular germ of orbital integrals
QA247 H35

Vol. 550. Lin, Huaxin
C*-algebra extensions of C(X)
QA326 L55

Vol. 474. Gonzalez-Acuña, Francisco; Whitten, Wilbur Carrigton
Imbeddings of three-manifold groups
QA613.2 G65

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