Series Monográficas: Memoirs of the AMS


Vol. 1072 Reiner, Victor; Saliola, Franco; Welker, Volkmar
Spectra of symmetrized shuffling operators
QA182.5 R45

Vol. 995 Yeats, Karen
Rearranging Dyson-Schwinger equations
QC174.17F45 Y43

Vol. 1070 Acosta, Alejandro D. de; Ney, Peter
Large deviations for additive functionals of Markov chains
QA273.67 A29

Vol. 993 Gangbo, Wilfrid; Kim, Hwa Kil; Pacini, Tommaso
Differential forms on Wasserstein space and infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems
QA381 G35

Vol. 991 De Lellis, Camillo; Spadaro, Emanuele Nunzio
Q-valued functions revisited
QA315 D45

Vol. 1067 González-Enríquez, A.; Haro, A.; De la Llave, Rafael
Singularity theory for non-twist KAM tori
QA380 G67

Vol. 1066 Peláez, José Ángel; Rättyä, Jouni
Weighted Bergman spaces induced by rapidly increasing weights
QA331.7 P45

Vol. 989 Chandler-Wilde, Simon N.; Lindner, Marko
Limit operators, collective compactness, and the spectral theory of infinite matrices
QA329.2 C39

Vol. 1063 Gille, Philippe;Pianzola, Arturo
Torsors, reductive group schemes and extended affine Lie algebras
QA252.3 G55

Vol. 986 Aschbacher, Michael
The generalized fitting subsystem of a fusion system
QA174.2 A73

Vol. 1062 Inci, H.;Kappeler, Thomas; Topalov, P.
On the regularity of the composition of diffeomorphisms
QA613.65 I53

Vol. 985 Allcock, Daniel; Carlson, James A.; Toledo, Domingo
The moduli space of cubic threefolds as a ball quotient
QA564 A53148

Vol. 1061 Waldecker, Rebecca
Isolated involutions in finite groups
QA557 W35

Vol. 984 Kim, Kang-Tae; Levenberg, Norman; Yamaguchi, Hiroshi
Robin functions for complex manifolds and applications
QA331.7 K55

Vol. 1060 Bemelmans, Josef; Galdi, Giovanni P.; Kyed, Mads
On the steady motion of a coupled system solid-liquid
QD509.S65 B45

Vol. 1059 Buckingham, Robert J.; Miller, Peter D.
The Sine-Gordon equation in the semiclassical limit : dynamics of fluxon condensates
QA377 B83

Vol. 982 Davidson, Kenneth R.; Katsoulis, Elias G.
Operator algebras for multivariable dynamics
QA326 D39

Vol. 1058 Aschenbrenner, Matthias
3-manifold groups are virtually residually p
QA174.2 A74

Vol. 981 Mayhew, Dillon; Royle, Gordon; Whittle, Geoff
The internally 4-connected binary matroids with no M(K3,3)-minor
QA166.6 M39

Vol. 1057 Furusawa, Martin, Kimball; Masaaki; Shalika, Joseph A.
On central critical values of the degree four L-functions for GSp(4) : the fundamental lemma III
QA331 F865 Part III

Vol. 980 Nicolaescu, Liviu I.
Tame flows
QA9.7 N53

Vol. 1056 Bianchini, Bruno; Mari, Luciano; Rigoli, Marco
On some aspects of oscillation theory and geometry
QA865 B53

Vol. 979 Dijkstra, Jan J.; Mill, J. van
Erdos space and homeomorphism groups of manifolds
QA614 D55

Vol. 1054 Lu, Kening; Wang, Qiudong; Young, Lai-Sang
Strange attractors for periodically forced parabolic equations
QA614.813 L83

Vol. 977 Lam, Thomas; Lapointe, Luc; Morse, Jennifer; Shimozono, Mark
Affine insertion and Pieri rules for the affine Grassmannian
QA477 A44

Vol. 1053 Blokh, Alexander M.; Fokkink, Robbert J.; Mayer, John C.; Oversteegen, Lex G.; E. D. Tymchatyn, E. D.
Fixed point theorems for plane continua with applications
QA329.9 B56

Vol. 974 Lefevre, Pascal; Li, Daniel; Queffélec, Hervé; Rodríguez-Piazza, Luis
Composition operators on Hardy-Orlicz spaces
QA329.2 C63

Vol. 1050 Lam, Thomas; Lapointe, Luc; Morse, Jennifer; Shimozono, Mark
The poset of k-shapes and branching rules for k-Schur functions
QA171.485 L35

Vol. 973 O’Sullivan, Peter
The generalised Jacobson-Morosov theorem
QA179 O78

Vol. 1048 Nagórko, Andrzej
Characterization and topological rigidity of Nöbeling manifolds
QA613.2 N34 2013

Vol. 972 Iglesias-Zemmour, Patrick
The moment maps in diffeology
QA665 I45

Vol. 1046 Kearnes, Keith; Kiss, Emil W.
The shape of congruence lattices
QA171.5 K43

Vol. 971 Hamilton, Mark D.
Locally toric manifolds and singular Bohr-Sommerfeld leaves
QC174.17G46 H35

Vol. 1045 Cox, David A.; Kustin, Andrew R.; Polini, Claudia; Ulrich, Bernd
A study of singularities on rational curves via syzygies
QA614.58 C69

Vol. 1044 Evans, Steven N.; Steinsaltz, David; Wachter, Kenneth W.
A mutation-selection model with recombination for general genotypes
QH390 E83

Vol. 969 Sakai, Makoto
Small modifications of quadrature domains
QA405 S35

Vol. 1041 Bögelein, Verena; Duzaar, Frank; Mingione, Giuseppe
The regularity of general parabolic systems with degenerate diffusion
QA377.5 B64

Vol. 966 Dales, H. G.; Lau, A. T. M.; Strauss, D.
Banach algebras on semigroups and on their compactifications
QA403 D35

Vol. 1040 E, Weinan; Lu, Jianfeng
The Kohn-Sham equation for deformed crystals
QD921 E23

Vol. 965 Lacey, Michael T. ; Li, Xiaochun
On a conjecture of E.M. Stein on the Hilbert transform on vector fields
QA403 L33

Vol. 1039 Albano, Paolo; Bove, Antonio
Wave front set of solutions to sums of squares of vector fields
QA403.3 A53

Vol. 964 Popescu, Gelu
Operator theory on noncommutative domains
QA313 P64

Vol. 1038 Lecomte, Dominique
Potential wadge classes
QA248 L42

Vol. 1037 Ban, Jung-Chao; Hu, Wen-Guei; Lin, Song-Sun; Lin, Yin-Heng
Zeta functions for two-dimensional shifts of finite type
QA351 B186

Vol. 962 Coffman, Adam
Unfolding CR singularities
QA614.58 C64

Vol. 1036 Lesch, Matthias; Moscovici, Henry; Pflaum, Markus J.
Connes-Chern character for manifolds with boundary and eta cochains
QA613.618 L47

Vol. 961 Bramanti, Marco; Brandolini, Luca; Lanconelli, Ermanno; Uguzzoni, Francesco
Non-divergence equations structured on Hörmander vector fields : heat kernels and Harnack inequalities
QA613.619 N65

Vol. 1035 Burban, Igor; Kreussler, Bernd
Vector bundles on degenerations of elliptic curves and Yang-Baxter equations
QA612.63 B87

Vol. 959 Pelayo, Alvaro
Symplectic actions of 2-tori on 4-manifolds
QA649 P36

Vol. 1033 Allcock, Daniel
The reflective Lorentzian lattices of rank 3
QA171.5 A55

Vol. 958 Behrens, Mark; Lawson, Tyler
Topological automorphic forms
QA353.A9 B34

Vol. 1032 Baez, John C.; Baratin, Aristide; Freidel, Laurent; Wise, Derek K.
Infinite-dimensional representations of 2-groups
QA176 B34

Vol. 956 Montgomery, Richard; Zhitomirskii, Mikhail
Points and curves in the Monster tower
QA614 M647

Vol. 1029 Khovanov, Mikhail; Lauda, Aaron D.; Mackaay, Marco; Stoisic, Marko
Extended graphical calculus for categorified quantum sl(2)
QA169 K54

Vol. 1028 Sommerhauser, Yorck; Zhu, Yongchang
Hopf algebras and congruence subgroups
QA613.8 S64

Vol. 953 Junge, Marius; Parcet, Javier
Mixed-norm inequalities and operator space Lp embedding theory
QA403 J85

Vol. 1027 Druet, Olivier; Robert, Frederic; Wei, Juncheng
The Lin-Ni’s problem for mean convex domains
QA374 D764

Vol. 952 Liebeck, Martin W.; Praeger, Cheryl E.; Saxl, Jan
Regular subgroups of primitive permutation groups
QA175 L54

Vol. 950 Villani, Cédric
QA377 V54

Vol. 1024 Boij, Matts; Migliore, Juan C.; Miró-Roig, Rosa M.; Nagel, Uwe; Zanello, Fabrizio
On the shape of a pure O-sequence
QA251.3 O57

Vol. 1023 Iwaniec, Tadeusz; Onninen, Jani
N-harmonic mappings between annuli : the art of integrating free Lagrangians
QA360 I844

Vol. 948 Ho, Nan-Kuo; Liu, Chiu-Chu Melissa
Yang-Mills connections on orientable and nonorientable surfaces
QA641 H63

Vol. 1022 Duits, Maurice; Kuijlaars, Arno B. J.; Mo, Man Yue
The Hermitian two matrix model with an even quartic potential
QA379 D847

Vol. 947 Turner, W.
Rock blocks
QD462.6S94 T87

Vol. 1021 Deruelle, Arnaud; Miyazaki, Katura; Motegi, Kimihiko
Networking Seifert surgeries on knots
QA612.2 D47

Vol. 946 Jorgenson, Jay A.; Lang, Serge
Heat Eisenstein series on SLn(C)
QA377 J66

Vol. 1018 Gigli, Nicola
Second order analysis on (P2(M),W2)
QA649 G54

Vol. 943 Berkes, Istvan; Weber, Michel
On the convergence of [summation symbol]c[subscript k]f(n[subscript k]x)
QA295 B46

Vol. 1017 Jablonski, Zenon Jan; Jung, Il Bong; Stochel, Jan
Weighted shifts on directed trees
QA329.2 J33

Vol. 1016 Breuil, Christophe; Paskûnas, Vytautas
Towards a modulo p Langlands correspondence for GL2
QA176 B74

Vol. 941. Popescu, Gelu
Unitary invariants in multivariable operator theory
QA329.2 P66

Vol. 1013 Hiraga, Kaoru; Saito, Hiroshi
On L-packets for inner forms of SLn
QA387 H57

Vol. 938. Morassi, Antonino; Rosset, Edi
Uniqueness and stability in determining a rigid inclusion in an elastic body
QA377 M663

Vol. 1012 David, Guy; Toro, Tatiana
Reifenberg parameterizations for sets with holes
QA312 D385

Vol. 934. Doelman, Arjen; Sandstede, Björn; Scheel, Arnd; Schneider, Guido
The Dynamics of modulated wave trains
QA377 D86

Vol. 1008 Mosher, Lee; Sageev, Michah; Whyte, Kevin
Quasi-actions on trees II : finite depth Bass-Serre trees
QA183 M67

Vol. 1007 Hofmann, Steve; Lu, Guozhen; Mitrea, Dorina; Mitrea, Marius; Yan, Lixin
Hardy spaces associated to non-negative self-adjoint operators satisfying Davies-Gaffney estimates
QA320 H63

Vol. 1005 Duzaar, Frank; Mingione, Giuseppe; Steffen, Klaus
Parabolic systems with polynomial growth and regularity
QA377 D845

Vol. 1004 Handel, Michael; Mosher, Lee
Axes in outer space
QA183 H35

Vol. 929. Bass, Richard F.; Chen, Xia; Rosen, Jay
Moderate deviations for the range of planar random walks
QA274.73 B37

Vol. 1003 Jørgensen, Palle E. T.; Kornelson, Keri A.; Shuman, Karen L.
Iterated function systems, moments, and transformations of infinite matrices
QA188 J67

Vol. 928 Bunke, Ulrich
Index theory, eta forms, and Deligne cohomology
QA329.4 B85

Vol. 1002 Leung, Man Chun
Supported blow-up and prescribed scalar curvature on Sn
QA571 L48

Vol. 927 Chernov, Nikolai; Dolgopyat, Dmitry
Brownian Brownian motion-I
QA274.75 C44

Vol. 926. Benedetti, Riccardo; Bonsante, Francesco
Canonical Wick rotations in 3-dimensional gravity
QA613.2 B454

Vol. 999 Casals-Ruiz, Montserrat; Kazachkov, Ilya
On systems of equations over free partially commutative groups
QA215 C37

Vol. 924. Caprace, Pierre-Emmanuel
"Abstract’’ homomorphisms of split Kac-Moody groups
QA174.2 C36

Vol. 998 Duval, Guillaume
Valuations and differential Galois groups
QA372.5 D88

Vol. 923. Jöllenbeck, Michael; Welker, Volkmar
Minimal resolutions via algebraic discrete morse theory
QA331 J555

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