Series Monográficas: Memoirs of the AMS


Vol.  1194 Mason, A. M.; Snaith, N. C. 
Orthogonal and symplectic n-level densities
QA331 M368

Vol. 1192 Lawther, R.   
Maximal abelian sets of roots
QA252.3 L39

Vol. 1116 Seidel, P.
Homological mirror symmetry for the quartic surface
QC174.17S9 S45

Vol. 1114 Burness, Timothy C.; Ghandour, Soumaia; Marion, Claude; Testerman, Donna M. (Eds.)
Irreducible almost simple subgroups of classical algebraic groups
QA154.3 B87

Vol.  1188 Hoffman, A.; Hupkes, H. J.; Vleck, E. S. Van
Entire solutions for bistable lattice differential equations with obstacles
QA171.5 H63

Vol. 1104 Hiss, Gerhard; Husen, William J.; Magaard, Kay
Imprimitive irreducible modules for finite quasisimple groups
QA247 H57

Vol. 1088 Green, M.; Griffiths, Phillip.; Kerr, Matthew D.
Special values of automorphic cohomology classes
QA612.3 G745

Vol. 1086 Ivanov, Stefan P.; Minchev, Ivan; Vassilev, Dimiter N.
Quaternionic contact : Einstein structures and the quaternionic contact yamabe problems
QA649 I93

Vol. 1085 Carey, Alan L.; Gayral, Victor; Rennie, Adam Charles; Sukochev, F. A.
Index theory for locally compact noncommutative geometries
QA614.92 C37

Vol. 1081 Friedman, Sy D.; Hyttinen, Tapani; Kulikov, Vadim
Generalized descriptive set theory and classification theory
QA248 F745

Vol. 1077 Bendel, Christopher P.; Nakano, Daniel Ken; Parshall, Brian; Pillen, Cornelius
Cohomology for quantum groups via the geometry of the nullcone
QA169 B456

Vol. 1152 Dai, Xin-Rong ; Sun, Qiyu
The abc -problem for Gabor systems
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Vol. 1076 Byeon, Jaeyoung; Tanaka, Kazunaga
Semiclassical standing waves with clustering peaks for nonlinear schrodinger equations
QC174.26W28 B94

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