Series Monográficas: Memoirs of the AMS


Vol.  1194 Mason, A. M.; Snaith, N. C. 
Orthogonal and symplectic n-level densities
QA331 M368

Vol. 1107 Lin, Huaxin
Locally AH-algebras
QA326 L555

Vol.  1188 Hoffman, A.; Hupkes, H. J.; Vleck, E. S. Van
Entire solutions for bistable lattice differential equations with obstacles
QA171.5 H63

Vol. 1105 Liu, Tai-ping; Zeng, Yanni
Shock waves in conservation laws with physical viscosity
QA377 L62

Vol. 1099 Dooley, Anthony H.; Zhang, Guohua
Local entropy theory of a random dynamical system
QA611.5 D66

Vol. 1085 Carey, Alan L.; Gayral, Victor; Rennie, Adam Charles; Sukochev, F. A.
Index theory for locally compact noncommutative geometries
QA614.92 C37

Vol. 1084 Weiss, Michael S.; Williams, Bruce E.
Automorphisms of manifolds and algebraic K-theory
QA612.7 W45

Vol. 1080 De Silva, Vin; Robbin, Joel W.; Salamon, Dietmar
Combinatorial Floer homolog
QA665 D43

Vol. 1079 Lambrechts, Pascal; Volić, Ismar
Formality of the little N-disks operad
QA612.7 L35

Vol. 1077 Bendel, Christopher P.; Nakano, Daniel Ken; Parshall, Brian; Pillen, Cornelius
Cohomology for quantum groups via the geometry of the nullcone
QA169 B456

Vol. 1075 Han, Deguang; Larson, David R.; Liu, Bei; Liu, Rui
Operator-valued measures, dilations, and the theory of frames
QA325 H34

Vol. 1152 Dai, Xin-Rong ; Sun, Qiyu
The abc -problem for Gabor systems
En proceso el impreso; disponible en acceso electrónico

Vol. 1074 Ferreira, David Dos Santos; Staubach, Wolfgang
Global and local regularity of fourier integral operators on weighted and unweighted spaces
QA403.5 F47

Vol. 1070 Acosta, Alejandro D. de; Ney, Peter
Large deviations for additive functionals of Markov chains
QA273.67 A29

Vol. 1066 Peláez, José Ángel; Rättyä, Jouni
Weighted Bergman spaces induced by rapidly increasing weights
QA331.7 P45

Vol. 1062 Inci, H.;Kappeler, Thomas; Topalov, P.
On the regularity of the composition of diffeomorphisms
QA613.65 I53

Vol. 1058 Aschenbrenner, Matthias
3-manifold groups are virtually residually p
QA174.2 A74

Vol. 1056 Bianchini, Bruno; Mari, Luciano; Rigoli, Marco
On some aspects of oscillation theory and geometry
QA865 B53

Vol. 1053 Blokh, Alexander M.; Fokkink, Robbert J.; Mayer, John C.; Oversteegen, Lex G.; E. D. Tymchatyn, E. D.
Fixed point theorems for plane continua with applications
QA329.9 B56

Vol. 1050 Lam, Thomas; Lapointe, Luc; Morse, Jennifer; Shimozono, Mark
The poset of k-shapes and branching rules for k-Schur functions
QA171.485 L35

Vol. 1045 Cox, David A.; Kustin, Andrew R.; Polini, Claudia; Ulrich, Bernd
A study of singularities on rational curves via syzygies
QA614.58 C69

Vol. 1122 Nekrashevych, Volodymyr V.
Hyperbolic groupoids and duality
QA171 N45

Vol. 1121 Chenevier, Gaëtan; Renard, David (Eds.)
Level one algebraic cusp forms of classical groups of small rank
QA243 C44

Vol. 1041 Bögelein, Verena; Duzaar, Frank; Mingione, Giuseppe
The regularity of general parabolic systems with degenerate diffusion
QA377.5 B64

Vol. 1120 Dalang, Robert C.; Sanz Sole, Marta
Hitting probabilities for nonlinear systems of stochastic waves
QA274.2 D35

Vol. 1040 E, Weinan; Lu, Jianfeng
The Kohn-Sham equation for deformed crystals
QD921 E23

Vol. 1039 Albano, Paolo; Bove, Antonio
Wave front set of solutions to sums of squares of vector fields
QA403.3 A53

Vol. 1116 Seidel, P.
Homological mirror symmetry for the quartic surface
QC174.17S9 S45

Vol. 1037 Ban, Jung-Chao; Hu, Wen-Guei; Lin, Song-Sun; Lin, Yin-Heng
Zeta functions for two-dimensional shifts of finite type
QA351 B186

Vol. 1036 Lesch, Matthias; Moscovici, Henry; Pflaum, Markus J.
Connes-Chern character for manifolds with boundary and eta cochains
QA613.618 L47

Vol. 1114 Burness, Timothy C.; Ghandour, Soumaia; Marion, Claude; Testerman, Donna M. (Eds.)
Irreducible almost simple subgroups of classical algebraic groups
QA154.3 B87

Vol. 1035 Burban, Igor; Kreussler, Bernd
Vector bundles on degenerations of elliptic curves and Yang-Baxter equations
QA612.63 B87

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