Series Monográficas: Mathematical surveys and monographs


Vol. 35 Abhyankar, Shreeram Shankar
Algebraic geometry for scientists and engineers
QA564 A32

Vol. 17 Ferguson, Le Baron O.
Approximation by polynomials with integral coefficients
QA221 F46

Vol. 34 Isakov, Victor.
Inverse source problems
QA374 I65

Vol. 16 O’Meara, Onorato Timothi
Symplectic groups
QA171 O534

Vol. 15 Diestel, Joseph; Uhl, John Jerry
Vector measures
QA312 D53

Vol. 32 Jacobowitz, Howard
An introduction to CR structures
QA649 J33

Vol. 14 Guillemin, Victor; Sternberg, Shlomo
Geometric asymptotics
QA649 G84

Vol. 31 Sally, Paul S.; Vogan, David A. (Eds.)
Representation theory and harmonic analysis on semisimple lie groups
QA403 R47

Vol. 13 Pearcy, Carl (Ed.)
Topics in operator theory
QA329.2 T65

Vol. 30 Cusick, Thomas W.Flahive, Mary E.
The Markoff and Lagrange spectra
QA242 C87

Vol. 12 Isbell, John Rolfe
Uniform spaces
QA611 I77

Vol. 29 Paterson, Alan L. T.
QA403 P37

Vol. 28 Beals, Richard; Tomei, Carlos; Deift, Percy
Direct and inverse scattering on the line
QA329 B43

Vol. 10 Ayoub, Raymond.
An introduction to the analytic theory of numbers
QA241 A96

Vol. 27 Fine, Nathan Jacob
Basic hypergeometric series and applications
QA295 F55

Vol. 9 Sard, Arthur
Linear approximation
QA320 S22

Vol. 26 Bercovici, Hari
QA329.2 B47

Vol. 8 Lehner, Joseph
Discontinuous groups and automorphic functions
QA351 L495

Vol. 25 Hale, Jack K.
Asymptotic behavior of dissipative systems
QA614.8 H33

Vol. 7 Clifford, Arthur Hoblitzelle
The algebraic theory of semigroups
QA171 C54

Vol. 24 Small, Lance W. (Ed.)
Noetherian rings and their applications
QA251.4 N64

Vol. 21 Baernstein, Albert; Drasin, David; Duren, Peter; Marden, Albert
The Bieberbach conjecture : Proceedings of the symposium on the occasion of the proof
QA331 B528

Vol. 3 Marden, Morris
Geometry of polynomials 
QA331 M27 1966

Vol. 20 Goodearl, Kenneth R.
Partially ordered Abelian groups with interpolation
QA171 G363

Vol. 2 Jacobson, Nathan
The theory of rings
QA247 J33

Vol. 19 Chudnovsky, Gregory
Contributions to the theory of transcendental numbers
QA247.5 C48

Vol. 1 Shohat, James Alexander
The problem of moments
QA295 S55

Vol. 18 Knight, Frank B.
Essentials of Brownian motion and diffusion
QA274.75 K55

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