Series Monográficas: London Mathematical Society lecture note series


Vol. 83 Tricerri, F.; Vanhecke, L.
Homogeneous structures on riemannian manifolds
QA614.3 T74

Vol. 43 Cameron, Peter Jephson; Lint, Jacobus Hendricus Van
Graphs, codes and designs
(Libro electrónico)

Vol. 82 Lloyd, E. Keith (ed.)
Surveys in combinatorics : invited papers for the ninth British combinatorial conference 1983
QA164 B74 1983

Vol. 42 Johnson, D. L.
Topics in the theory of group presentations
QA171 J65

Vol. 81 Draxl, Peter K.
Skew fields
QA247 D73

Vol. 40 Koosis, Paul
Introduction to hp spaces : with an appendix on Wolff’s proof of the corona theorem
QA405 K65

Vol. 80 Robert, Alain
Introduction to the representation theory of compact and locally compact groups
QA171 R54

Vol. 39 Northcott, Douglas Geoffrey
Affine sets and affine groups
QA477 N66

Vol. 79 Kendall, David; Router, G. E. H.; Kingman, J. F. C. (eds.)
Probability, statistics and analysis
QA273.18 P76

Vol. 37 Brumfiel, Gregory W.
Partially ordered rings and semi-algebraic geometry
QA251.5 B77

Vol. 78 Beardon, Alan F.
A primer on Riemann surfaces
QA333 B42

Vol. 36 Wall, C. T. C. (ed.)
Htheoryomological group theory : proceedings of a symposium, held at Durham in September 1977, on homological and combinatorial techniques in group 
QA171 H66

Vol. 77 Looijenga, Eduard J. N.
Isolated singular points on complete intersections
QA564 L65

Vol. 35 Simon, Barry
Trace ideals and their applications
(Disponible en: Biblioteca Central; IIMAS)

Vol. 74 Lander, Eric S.
Symmetric designs : an algebraic approach
QA166.25 L35

Vol. 34 Atiyah, Michael Francis
Representation theory of Lie groups : proceedings of the src/ Lms research symposium on representations of Lie groups, Oxford, 28 June 15 July 1977
QA387 S72 1977

Vol. 72 Sharo, R. Y. (ed.)
Commutative algebra : Durham 1981
QA3 C65

Vol. 33 Biggs, Norman L.; White, Arthur T.
Permutation groups and combinatorial structures
QA171 B53

Vol. 71 Campbell, M. C.; Robertson, E. F. (eds.)
Groups - St. Andrews 1981
(Libro electrónico)

Vol. 32 Gamelin, Theodore W.
Uniform algebras and Jensen measures
QA326 G34

Vol. 69 Gelʹfand, Izrailʹ Moiseevich
Representation theory : selected papers
QA171 R456

Vol. 29 Morris, Sidney A.
Pontryagin duality and the structure of locally compact abelian groups
QA387 M66

Vol. 67 Parry, William; Tuncel, Selim
Classification problems in ergodic theory
(Libro electrónico)

Vol. 28 Petersen, Karl Endel
Brownian motion : Hardy spaces, and bounded mean oscillation
QA274.75 P48

Vol. 66 Field, Michael John
Several complex variables and complex manifolds
QA611.A1 F53 V. II

Vol. 27 Cohn, Paul Moritz
Skew field constructions
QA251.5 C633

Vol. 65 Field, Michael John
Several complex variables and complex manifolds
QA611.A1 F53 V. I

Vol. 26 Kosniowski, Czes
Transformation groups : proceedings of the conference in the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, August 1976
QA601 K67

Vol. 60 Novikov, Sergeæi Petrovich
Integrable systems : selected papers
QA372 I58

Vol. 25 Price, John Frederick
Lie groups and compact groups
QA387 P75

Vol. 59 Crampin, M.; Pirani, Felix Arnold Edward
Applicable differential geometry
QA641 C73 1987

Vol. 23 Cameron, Peter J.
Parallelisms of complete designs
QA164 C35

Vol. 57 Fenn, Roger
Techniques of geometric topology
QA611 F44

Vol. 21 Sinclair, Allan M.
Automatic continuaty of lineat operators
QA329.2 S53

Vol. 54 Dynkin, Evgenii Borisovich
Markov processes and related problems of analysis
QA274.7 D945

Vol. 20 Tennison, B. R.
Sheaf theory
QA612.36 T44

Vol. 53 Arnolʹd, V. I.
Singularity theory : selected papers
QA641 A74

Vol. 19 Cameron, Peter J.; Lint, Jacobus Hendricus Van
Graph theory, coding theory and block designs
QA166.3 C35

Vol. 51 Kock, Anders
Synthetic differential geometry
QA641 K63

Vol. 18 Buoncristiano, S.; Rourke, C.P.; Sanderson, B. J.
A geometric approach to homology theory
QA611 B78

Vol. 50 Baues, Hans J.
Commutator calculus and groups of homotopy classes
QA303 B379 1981

Vol. 17 Bröcker, Theodor; Lander, L.
Differentiable germs and catastrophes
QA614.58 B76

Vol. 49 Cameron, P. J.; Hirschfeld, J.W.P.; Hughes, D. R. (eds.)
Finite geometries and designs : Proceedings of the second Isle of Thorns conference 1980
QA445 I84 1980

Vol. 16 Gagen, Terrence
Topics in finite groups
QA171 G23

Vol. 48 Brown, R.; Thickstun, T. I. (eds.)
Low-dimensional topology : proceedings of the conference on topology in low dimension, Bangor, 1979
QA611 C64 1979

Vol. 14 Swinnerton-Dyer, H. P. F
Analytic theory of abelian varieties
QA564 S94

Vol. 46 Koblitz, Neal
P-adic analysis : a short course on recent work
QA241 K62

Vol. 12 Clunie, J.; Hayman, Walter Kurt
Symposium on complex analysis
QA331 S92 1973

Vol. 44 Crabb, M. C.
ZZ/2 homotopy theory
QA612.7 C73

Vol. 11 Adams, John Frank
New developments in topology : The edited and revised proceedings of the symposium on algebraic topology, Oxford, june 1972
QA612 S95 1972

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