Series Monográficas: London Mathematical Society lecture note series


Vol. 302 Ablowitz, Mark J.; Prinari, B.; Trubatch, A. D.
Discrete and continuous nonlinear Schrödinger systems
QC174.26W28 A345

Vol. 277 Foreman, M.; Kechris, A. S.; Louveau, A. (eds.)
Descriptive set theory and dynamical systems
QA614.8 D467

Vol. 301 Johnson, Francis Edward Anthony
Stable modules and the D(2)-problem
QA612.14 J64

Vol. 276 Casas-Alvero, Eduardo
Singularities of plane curves
QA565 C367

Vol. 300 Hertrich-Jeromin, Udo
Introduction to Mobius differential geometry
QA609 H47

Vol. 275 Atkinson, Michael; Gilbert, Nick; Howie, James (ed.)
Computational and geometric aspects of modern algebra
QA150 C647

Vol. 299 Komori, Yohei; Markovic, Vladimir; Series, Caroline (eds.)
Kleinian groups and hyperbolic 3-manifolds : Proceedings of the Warwick Workshop September 11-14, 2001
QA331 K533

Vol. 274 Tan, Lei (ed.)
The Mandelbrot set, theme and variations
QA614.86 M357

Vol. 298 Leinster, Tom
Higher operads, higher categories
QA169 L45

Vol. 273 Davies, E. B.; Safarov, Yuri (eds.)
Spectral theory and geometry : ICMS Instructional Conference, Edinburgh, 1998
QA614.95 I35 1998

Vol. 297 Baues, Hans J.
The homotopy category of symply connected 4-manifolds
QA612.7 B3819

Vol. 272 Peterfalvi, Thomas
Character theory for the odd order theorem
QA177 P4713

Vol. 296 Dolgachev, Igor V.
Lectures on invariant theory
QA201 D65

Vol. 271 Albeverio, Sergio; Kurasov, P.
Singular perturbations of differential operators : solvable Shrodinger type operators
QA329.4 A53

Vol. 295 Mason, Lionel J.; Nutku, Yavuz (eds.)
Geometry and integrability
QA670 G467

Vol. 269 Bekka, M. Bachir; Mayer Matthias
Ergodic theory and topological dynamics of group actions on homogeneous spaces
QA611.5 B34

Vol. 294 Pisier, Gilles
Introduction to operator space theory
QA322.2 P567

Vol. 268 Dimassi, Mouez; Sjostrand, Johannes
Spectral asymptotics in the semi-classical limit
QA320 D55

Vol. 293 Da Prato, Giuseppe; Zabczyk, Jerzy
Second order partial differential equations in Hilbert spaces
QA374 D36

Vol. 267 Lamb, John Douglas; Preece, Donald Arthur (eds.)
Surveys in combinatorics, 1999
QA164 S87 1999

Vol. 292 Majid, Shahn
A quantum groups primer
QC174.17G7 M325

Vol. 265 Blake, Ian F.; Seroussi, Gadiel; Smart, Nigel Paul
Elliptic curves in cryptography
QA76.9A25 B53

Vol. 291 Tent, Katrin (ed.)
Tits buildings and the model theory of groups
QA174.2 T54

Vol. 264 Hulek, Klaus (ed.)
New trends in algebraic geometry : EuroConference on Algebraic Geometry, Warwick, July 1996
QA564.E87 1996

Vol. 290 Pressley, Andrew
Quantum groups and Lie theory
QC20.7G76 Q82

Vol. 263 Bruce, Bill; Mond, David (eds.)
Singularity theory : proceedings of the European Singularities Conference, August 1996, Liverpool and dedicated to C.T.C. Wall on the occasion of his 60th birthday
QA614.58 E87

Vol. 289 Saloff-Coste, Laurent
Aspects of Sobolev-type inequalities
QA323 S35

Vol. 262 Finet, Catherine; Henson, C. W.; Michaux, Christian (eds.)
Analysis and logic
QA300.5 A525

Vol. 288 Hirschfeld, James William Peter (ed.)
Surveys in combinatorics, 2001
QA164 S87 2001

Vol. 261 Campbell, C. M. (ed.)
Groups St. Andrews, 1997 in Bath
QA174 G764 V.2

Vol. 287 Bujalance García, Emilio; Costa, A. F.; Martinez, E. (eds.)
Topics on Riemann surfaces and Fuchsian groups
QA333 T67

Vol. 260 Campbell, C. M. (ed.)
Groups St. Andrews, 1997 in Bath
QA174 G764 V.1

Vol. 286 Lounesto, Pertti
Clifford algebras and spinors
QA199 L68 2001

Vol. 259 Cooper, S. Barry; Truss, J. K. (eds.)
Models and computability : invited papers from Logic Colloquium ’97, European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, Leeds, July 1997
QA9.A1 L635

Vol. 285 Niederreiter, Harald; Xing, Chaoping
Rational points on curves over finite fields : theory and applications
QA565 N54

Vol. 258 Cooper, S. Barry; Truss, J. K. (eds.)
Sets and proofs : invited papers from Logic Colloquium ’97, European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, Leeds, July 1997
QA248 L64 1997

Vol. 284 Devore, Ronald A.; Iserles, A.; Suli, Endre (eds.)
Foundations of computational mathematics
QA297 F6653

Vol. 257 Madore, John
An introduction to noncommutative differential geometry and its physical applications
QA564 M33 1999

Vol. 283 Fu, Yibin B.; Ogden, R. W. (eds.)
Nonlinear elasticity : theory and applications
QA931 N655

Vol. 256 Volklein, Helmut
Aspects of Galois theory
QA214 A76

Vol. 282 Hashimoto, Mitsuyasu
Auslander-Buchweitz approximations of equivariant modules
QA169 H375

Vol. 255 Clarkson, Peter A.; Nijhoff, Frank W. (eds.)
Symmetries and integrability of difference equations
QA431 S954

Vol. 281 Corti, Alessio; Reid, Miles A. (eds.)
Explicit birational geometry of 3-folds
QA564 E96

Vol. 254 Scholl, Anthony James; Taylor, Richard Lawrence (eds.)
Galois representations in arithmetic algebraic geometry
QA242.5 G35

Vol. 280 Breuer, Thomas
Characters and automorphism groups of compact Riemann surfaces
QA333 B74

Vol. 253 Donkin, Stephen
The q-Schur algebra
QA176 D65

Vol. 279 Blanchard, F.; Maass, Alejandro; Nogueira, A. (eds.)
Topics in symbolic dynamics and applications
QA611.5 T658

Vol. 252 Kropholler, Peter H.; Niblo, Graham A.; Stohr, Ralph (eds.)
Geometry and cohomology in group theory
QA183 G49

Vol. 278 Cholewa, Jan W.; Dlotko, Tomasz
Global Attractors in abstract parabolic problems
QA614.813 C46

Vol. 251 Buchberger, Bruno; Winkler, Franz (eds.)
Grobner bases and applications
QA251.3 G75

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