Series Monográficas: History of mathematics


Vol. 42 Aubin, David; Goldstein, Catherine (Eds.)
The war of guns and mathematics : mathematical practices and communities in France and its western allies around World War I
QA10.8 W37

Vol. 21 Borel, Armand
Essays in the history of Lie groups and algebraic groups
QA387 B665

Vol.  41 Hollings, Christopher
Mathematics across the Iron Curtain : a history of the algebraic theory of semigroups
QA182 H65

Vol. 20 McFaden, Harold H. (Traductor)
Kolmogorov in perspective
QA29.K627 K6513

Vol. 40 Duda, Roman  
Pearls from a lost city : the Lvov school of mathematics
QA14.U382 D8313

Vol. 19 Grassmann, Hermann
Extension theory
QA205 G7313

Vol. 39 Dedekind, Richard; Weber, Heinrich
Theory of algebraic functions of one variable
QA169 A55

Vol. 18 Albreee, Joe; Rickey, V. Frederick
A station favorable to the pursuits of science
Z6654.2 A52

Vol. 38 Alexander, Daniel S.; Iavernaro, Felice; Rosa, Alessandro
Early days in complex dynamics : a history of complex dynamics in one variable during 1906-1942
QA297.8 A46

Vol. 17 Hadamard, Jacques
Non-Euclidean geometry in the theory of automorphic functions
QA353.A9 H3313

Vol. 37 Poincaré, Henri
Papers on topology : analysis situs and its five supplements
QA612 P64

Vol. 16 Lejeune Dirichlet, Peter Gustav
Lectures on number theory
QA241 L4313

Vol. 36 Charpentier, Eric; Ghys, Etienne; Lesne, Annick (Eds.)
The Scientific legacy of Poincaré
Q143.P6 H4713

Vol. 15 Curtis, Charles W.
Pioneers of representation theory : Frobenius, Burnside, Schur, & Brauer
QA176 C87

Vol. 35 Adams, William J.
The life and times of the central limit theorem. -- 2nd ed.
QA273.67 A33 2009

Vol. 14 Maz’ya, Vladimir A.; Shaposhnikova, T. O.
Jacques Hadamard : a universal mathematician
QA29.H18 M39

Vol. 34. Green, Judy; LaDuke, Jeanne 
Pioneering women in American mathematics : the pre-1940 PhD’s 
QA28 G74

Vol. 13 Garding, Lars
Mathematics and mathematicians : mathematics in Sweden before 1950
QA27.S85 G37

Vol. 33 Menzler-Trott, Eckart
Logic’s lost genius : the life of Gerhard Gentzen
QA29.G467 M4513

Vol. 12 Rudin, Walter
The way I remember it
QA29.R78 A3 1997

Vol. 32 Gray, Jeremy J.; Parshall, Karen Hunger (Eds.)
Episodes in the history of modern algebra (1800-1950)
QA151 E65

Vol. 11 Barrow-Green, June
Poincare and the three body problem
QA852 B37 1997

Vol. 31 Goodstein, Judith R.
The Volterra chronicles : the life and times of an extraordinary mathematician, 1860-1940
QA29.V65 G66

Vol.10 Stillwell, John
Sources of hyperbolic geometry
QA685 S75

Vol. 30 Artin, Emil
Exposition by Emil Artin : a selection
QA247 A78

Vol. 9 Berndt, Bruce C.; Rankin, Robert Alexander
Ramanujan : letters and commentary
QA29.R3 R35

Vol. 29 Berggren, J. L.; Thomas, R. S. D. 
Euclid’s Phaenomena : a translation and study of a hellenistic treatise in spherical astronomy
QB144 E8313 1996

Vol. 8 Parshall, Karen Hunger; Rowe, David E.
The emergence of the American mathematical research community, 1876-1900 : J.J. Sylvester, Felix Klein, and E.H. Moore
QA13 P37

Vol. 28 Altmann, Simon L.; Ortiz, editoruardo L. (Eds.)
Mathematics and social utopias in France : Olinde Rodrigues and his times
QA29.R58 M38

Vol. 7 Bos, H. J. M.
Lectures in the history of mathematics
QA21 B64

Vol.  27 Von Neumann, John
John von Neumann selected letters
QA29.V66 A4 2005

Vol. 6 Zdravkovska, Smilka; Duren, Peter L. (Eds.)
Golden years of Moscow mathematics2nd ed.
QA27.R8 G65 2007

Vol. 26 Delone, Boris Nikolaevich
The St. Petersburg school of number theory
QA241 D4313

Vol. 5 Mackey, George W.
The scope and history of commutative and noncommutative harmonic analysis
QA403 M33

Vol. 25 Plotkin, Jacob M. (Ed.)
Hausdorff on ordered sets
QA171.48 H38

Vol. 4 Mcarthur, Charles W.
Operations analysis in the U.S. army eighth air force in world War ii
D790 M32

Vol. 24 Jahnke, Hans Niels (Ed.)
A History of analysis
QA300 H57

Vol. 3 Askey, Richard; Duren, Peter L.; Merzbach, Uta C. (Eds.)
A century of mathematics in america : Part III
QA27.U5 C45

Vol. 23 Parshall, Karen Hunger; Rice, Adrian Clifford (Eds.)
Mathematics unbound : the evolution of an international mathematical research community, 1800-1945
QA11.2 M37

Vol. 2 Askey, Richard; Duren, Peter L.; Merzbach, Uta C. (Eds.) 
A century of mathematics in America : Part II
QA27.U5 C45

Vol. 22 Berndt, Bruce C.; Rankin, Robert Alexander (Eds.)
Ramanujan : essays and surveys
QA29.R3 R348

Vol. 1 Askey, Richard; Duren, Peter L.; Merzbach, Uta C. (Eds.)
A century of mathematics in America: Part I
QA27.U5 C45

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