Series Monográficas: Graduate studies in mathematics

Vol. 206 Andrews, Ben; Chow, Bennett; Guenther, Christine; Langford, Mat
QA670 A53  

Vol. 181 Leoni, Giovanni
A first course in Sobolev spaces. -- 2nd ed.
QA323 L46 2017

Vol. 180 Rotman, Joseph J. 
Advanced modern algebra. 3rd ed., Part 2
QA154.3 R67 2015

Vol. 167 Neu, John C.  
Singular perturbation in the physical sciences
QA372 N476 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 166 Torchinsky, Alberto   
Problems in real and functional analysis
QA300 T68 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 190 Hou, Xiang-dong
Lectures on finite fields
QA247.3 H68

Vol. 165 Rotman, Joseph J.
Advanced modern algebra. -- 3rd ed., Part 1
QA154.3 R67 2015 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 189 Isaacs, I. Martin   
Characters of solvable groups
QA177 I725

Vol. 164 Tao, Terence  
Expansion in finite simple groups of Lie type
QA387 T356 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 188 Cutkosky, Steven Dale
Introduction to algebraic geometry
QA564 C873

Vol. 163 Tenenbaum, Gerald 
Introduction to analytic and probabilistic number theory. -- 3rd ed.
QA241 T45 2015 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 162 Rassoul-Agha, Firas; Seppäläinen, Timo O. 
A course on large deviations with an introduction to Gibbs measures
QA273.67 R37 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 161  Maclagan, Diane; Sturmfels, Bernd
Introduction to tropical geometry
QA582 M33 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 185 LaFountain, Douglas J.; Menasco, William W. 
Braid foliations in low-dimensional topology
QA612.23 L34

Vol. 160 Overholt, Marius
A course in analytic number theory
QA241 O94 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 159 Faulkner, John R.
The role of nonassociative algebra in projective geometry
QA471 F28 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 183 Ford, Timothy J.  
Separable algebras
QA251.5 F67

Vol. 158 Colonius, Fritz; Kliemann, Wolfgang 
Dynamical systems and linear algebra
QA184.2 C65 (sin acceso electrónico)

Vol. 157 Teschl, Gerald  
Mathematical methods in quantum mechanics : with applications to Schrödinger operators
QC174.17S3 T47 2014 (sin acceso electrónico)

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