Series Monográficas: Fields Institute monographs


Vol. 17. Voloshin, Vitaly Ivanovich 
Coloring mixed hypergraphs : theory, algorithms, and applications
QA166.23 V65

Vol. 15. Hart, Bradd T.; Valeriote, Matthew (Eds.) 
Lectures on algebraic model theory
QA9.7 L43

Vol. 14. Hollander, Frank den 
Large deviations 
QA273.67 H65

Vol. 31 Mashreghi, Javad
Derivatives of inner functions
QA331.7 M374

Vol. 13. Bhat, B. V. Rajarama; Elliott, George A.; Fillmore, Peter A. (Eds.)
Lectures on operator theory
QA326 L44

Vol. 30 Pachl, Jan
Uniform spaces and measures
QC20.7M43 P33

Vol. 12. Kuhlmann, Salma 
Ordered exponential fields
QA9.7 K84

Vol. 11. Krisztin, Tibor 
Shape, smoothness, and invariant stratification of an attracting set for delayed monotone positive feedback 
QA371 K75

Vol. 28 Riehm, Carl R. 
Introduction to orthogonal, symplectic, and unitary representations of finite groups
QA176 R54

Vol. 10. Patera, Jiri (Ed.) 
Quasicrystals and discrete geometry 
QD911 Q83

Vol. 27 Tuncel, Levent
Polyhedral and semidefinite programming methods in combinatorial optimization
QA402.5 T86

Vol. 9. Selick, Paul 
Introduction to homotopy theory
QA612.7 S45

Vol. 26 Cunningham, Clifton; Nevins, Monica (Eds.)
Ottawa lectures on admissible representations of reductive p-adic groups
QA176 O77

Vol. 8. Loring, Terry A. 
Lifting solutions to perturbing problems in C*-algebras 
QA326 L67 1997

Vol. 25. Sawyer, Eric T.
Function theory: interpolation and corona problems
QA321 S38

Vol. 7. Kochman, Stanley O.
Bordism, stable homotopy, and Adams spectral sequences
QA612.7 K62 1996

Vol. 24. Ueno, Kenji
Conformal field theory with gauge symmetry 
QC174.52C66 U45

Vol. 6. Davidson, Kenneth R. 
C*-algebras by example 
QA326 D38 1996

Vol. 23. Aguiar, Marcelo; Mahajan, Swapneel
Coxeter groups and Hopf algebras
QA613.8 A48

Vol. 5. Weiss, Alfred 
Multiplicative Galois module structure 
QA247 W43 1996

Vol. 22. Meyer, Christian 
Modular Calabi-Yau threefolds
QC20.7M24 M49

Vol. 4. Lovric, Miroslav; Min-Oo, Maung; Wang, McKenzie Yuen-kong (Eds.) 
Riemannian geometry 
QA649 R54

Vol. 21. Ledet, Arne
Brauer type embedding problems
QA247 L435

Vol. 3. Lancaster, Peter (Ed.)
Lectures on operator theory and its applications
QA329 L43

Vol. 20. Cogdell, James W.; Kim, Henry Hyeongsin; Murty, Maruti Ram 
Lectures on automorphic L-functions
QA246 C64

Vol. 2. Snaith, V. P.
Galois module structure 
QA247 S543

Vol. 19. Spinrad, Jeremy P. 
Efficient graph representations 
QA166.242 S65

Vol. 1. Wiggins, Stephen 
Global dynamics, phase space transport, orbits homoclinic to resonances, and applications 
QA614.8 W531

Vol. 18. Nevanlinna, Olavi 
Meromorphic functions and linear algebra
QA331 N45

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