Series Monográficas: Fields Institute communications


Vol. 56 Jeu, Rob de; Lewis, James Dominic (Eds.)
Motives and algebraic cycles : a celebration in honour of Spencer J. Bloch
QA564 M678

Vol. 55 Pardalos, P. M.; Coleman, Thomas F. (Eds.)
Lectures on global optimization
QA402.5 L394

Vol. 54. Yui, Noriko; Verrill, Helena; Doran, Charles F.(Eds.) 
Modular forms and string duality 
QA243 M696

Vol. 53. Lyubich, Mikhail; Yampolsky, Michael (Eds.) 
Holomorphic dynamics and renormalization : a volume in honour of John Milnor’s 75th birthday 
QA614.83 H65

Vol. 52. Rodino, L. (Luigi); Schulze, Bert-Wolfgang; Wong, Man Wah (Eds.)
Pseudo-differential operators : partial differential equations and time-frequency analysis 
QA329.7 P73

Vol. 51. Forni, Giovanni; Lyubich, Mikhail; Pugh, Charles; Shub, Michael (Eds.) 
Partially hyperbolic dynamics, laminations, and Teichmuller flow 
QA614.8 P37

Vol. 50. Binder, Ilia; Kreimer, Dirk (Eds.)
Universality and renormalization : from stochastic evolution to renormalization of quantum fields 
QC174.45A1 U55

Vol. 49. Nagata, Wayne; Namachchivaya, Navaratnam Sri (Eds.) 
Bifurcation theory and spatio-temporal pattern formation 
QA380 B55

Vol. 48. Brunner, Hermann; Zhao, Xiao-Qiang; Zou, Xingfu (Eds.) 
Nonlinear dynamics and evolution equations 
QA377 I578

Vol. 73 Chang, Dong Eui; Holm, Darryl D.;Patrick, George; Ratiu, Tudor S. (Eds.) 
Geometry, mechanics, and dynamics : the legacy of Jerry Marsden
QA445 G474

Vol. 47. Boden, Hans U.; Nicas, Andrew J.; Park, B. Doug (Eds.) 
Geometry and topology of manifolds 
QA611.A1 G475

Vol. 46. Passot, Thierry; Sulem, Catherine; Sulem, P. L. (Eds.) 
Topics in kinetic theory : thematic program on partial differential equations, august 2003-June 2004, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
QC174.9 T66

Vol. 45. Buchweitz, Ragnar-Olaf; Lenzing, Helmut (Eds.)
Representations of algebras and related topics 
QA150 I57 2002

Vol. 44. Horváth, Lajos; Szyszkowicz, Barbara (Eds.) 
Asymptotic methods in stochastics : festschrift for Miklós Csörgo 
QA274.A1 I55 2002

Vol. 43. Janelidze, George; Pareigis, Bodo; Tholen, Walter (Eds.) 
Galois theory, Hopf algebras, and semiabelian categories 
QA247.4 G35

Vol. 68 Milman, Vitali, D.; Pestov, Vladimir; Tomczyk, Krzysztof (Eds.)
Asymptotic geometric analysis : proceedings of the Fall 2010 Fields Institute Thematic Program
QA360 A79

Vol. 42. Elaydi, Saber; Ladas, Gerry; Wu, Jianhong; Zou, Xingfu 
Difference and differential equations 
QA431 I58 2002

Vol. 67 Laza, Radu; Schütt, Matthias; Yui, Noriko (Eds.)
Arithmetic and geometry of K3 surfaces and calabi-yau threefolds
QA571 A74

Vol. 41. Van der Poorten, A. J.; Stein, Andreas (Eds.) 
High primes and misdemeanours : lectures in honour of the 60th birthday of Hugh Cowie Williams 
QA246 H54

Vol. 66 Melnik, Roderick; Kotsireas, Ilias S. (Eds.)
Advances in applied mathematics, modeling, and computational science
TA342 A35

Vol. 40. Dlab, Vlastimil; Ringel, Claus Michael (Eds.) 
Representations of finite dimensional algebras and related topics in Lie theory and geometry 
QA251.5 R46

Vol. 65 Mashreghi, Javad; Fricain, Emmanuel (Eds.)
Blaschke products and their applications
QA331 B535

Vol. 39. Berman, Stephen; Billig, Yuly; Huang, Yi-Zhi; Lepowsky, James (Eds.) 
Vertex operator algebras in mathematics and physics 
QA326 V47

Vol. 64 Wu, Jianhong; Yi, Yingfie;Zhu, Huaiping (Eds.)
Infinite dimensional dynamical systems
QA614.8 I54

Vol. 38. Yui, Noriko; Lewis, James Dominic (Eds.) 
Calabi-Yau varieties and mirror symmetry 
QC20.7M24 C35

Vol. 63 Pardalos, Panos M.; Coleman, Thomas F.; Xanthopoulos, Petros (Eds.)
Optimization and data analysis in biomedical informatics
Disponible en texto completo

Vol. 37. Pardalos, P. M.; Wolkowicz, Henry (Eds.) 
Novel approaches to hard discrete optimization 
QA402.5 N67

Vol. 62 Miller, Chris; Rolin, Jean-Philippe;Speissegger, Patrick (Eds.)
Lecture notes on O-minimal structures and real analytic geometry
QA9.7 L427

Vol. 36. Ruan, Shigui; Wolkowicz, Gail Susan Kohl; Wu, Jianhong (Eds.) 
Dynamical systems and their applications in biology 
QH323.5 I5788 2001

Vol. 61 Khalkhali, Masoud; Yu, Guoliang (Eds.)
Perspectives on noncommutative geometry
QA612.33 P47

Vol. 35. Eliashberg, Yakov; Khesin, Boris A.; Lalonde, Francois (Eds.)
Symplectic and contact topology : interactions and perspectives 
QA613.659 S95

Vol. 60 Cojocaru, Alina Carmen; Lauter, Kristin; Pries, Rachel; Scheidler, Renate (Eds.)
Win-- women in numbers : research directions in number theory
QA241 W56

Vol. 34. Lyons, T. J.; Salisbury, Thomas Stephenson (Eds.) 
Numerical methods and stochastics 
QA297 W67

Vol. 59 Neher, Erhard; Savage, Alistair; Wang, Weiqiang (Eds.)
Geometric representation theory and extended affine Lie algebras
QA252.3 G46

Vol. 33. Kuhlmann, Franz-Viktor; Kuhlmann, Salma; Marshall, Murray (Eds.) 
Valuation theory and its applications. Vol. II 
QA247 I5712

Vol. 58 Murty, Vijaya Kumar (Ed.)
Algebraic curves and cryptography
QA565 A53

Vol. 32. Kuhlmann, Franz-Viktor; Kuhlmann, Salma; Marshall, Murray (Eds.) 
Valuation theory and its applications. Vol. I 
QA247 I5712

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