Series Monográficas: DIMACS


Vol. 25 Baumslag, Gilbert (Ed.)
Geometric and computational perspectives on infinite groups
QA183 G463

Vol. 12  Finkelstein, Larry A.; Kantor, William M. (Eds.)
Groups and computation : workshop on groups and computation, October 7-10, 1991
QA174.7D36 G76

Vol.  24 Billera, Louis J. (Ed.)
Formal power series and algebraic combinatorics, 1994 : DIMACS Workshop, May 23-27, 1994 = Series formelles et combinatoirealgebrique, 1994 
QA164 F66

Vol. 11  Finkelstein, Larry A.; Kantor, William M. (Eds.)
Groups and computation : workshop on groups and computation, October 7-10, 1991
QA174.7D36 G76

Vol. 23 Pardalos, P. M.; Shalloway, David; Hsueh, Kuo-liang (Eds.)
Global minimization of nonconvex energy functions : molecular conformation and protein folding : DIMACS workshop, March 20-21, 1995
QP551 G56

Vol. 10 Friedman, Joel (Ed.)
Expanding graphs : proceedings of a DIMACS Workshop, May 11-14, 1992
QA166 E96

Vol.  22 Pardalos, P. M.; Resende, Mauricio G.C.; Ramakrishnan, K.G. (Eds.)
Parallel processing of discrete optimization problems : DIMACS Workshop, April 28-29, 1994
QA76.58 P372

Vol.  9 Trotter, William T. (Ed.)
Planar graphs
QA166 P53

Vol. 21 Hsu, Derbiau Frank; Rosenberg, Arnold L.; Sotteau, Dominique (Eds.)
Interconnection networks and mapping and scheduling parallel computations : DIMACS workshop, February 7-9, 1994
QA76.58 I565 (En la Biblioteca del Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas)

Vol.  8 Gindikin, S. G. (Ed.)
Mathematical methods of analysis of biopolymer sequences
QP620 M373

Vol. 19  Cox, Ingemar J.; Hansen, Pierre; Julesz, Bela (Eds.) 
Partitioning data sets : DIMACS workshop, April 19-21, 1993
QA278 P37

Vol. 7  Mcgeoch, Lyle A.; Sleator, Daniel Dominic (Eds.)
On-line algorithms : Proceedings of a DIMACS Workshop, february 11-13, 1991 
QA76.55 O5

Vol. 18  Blelloch, Guy E.; Chandy, K. Mani; Jagannathan, Suresh (Eds.)
Specification of parallel algorithms : DIMACS workshop, May 9-11, 1994
QA76.642 S74

Vol.  6 Goodman, Jacob E.; Pollack, Richard D. ; Steiger, William L., (Eds.)
Discrete and computational geometry : Papers from the dimacs special year
QA448.D38 D57

Vol. 17  Ristad, Eric Sven (Ed.)
Language computations : DIMACS Workshop on Human Language, March 20-22, 1992
QA76.9N38 D55 (En Biblioteca del Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas)

Vol. 5 Monma, Clyde; Roberts, Fred; Hwang, Frank (Eds.)
Reliability of computer and communication networks : Proceedings of a DIMACS Workshop, december 2-4, 1989
TK5105.5 R43

Vol. 16  Wolkowicz, Henry; Pardalos, P. M. (Eds.)
Quadratic assignment and related problems : DIMACS Workshop, May 20-21, 1993
QA402.5 Q83

Vol. 4 Gritzmann, Peter; Sturmfels, Bernd (Eds.)
Applied geometry and discrete mathematics : The victor klee fetschrift
QA7 A66

Vol. 15  Dean, Nathaniel; Shannon, Gregory E.
Computational support for discrete mathematics : DIMACS Workshop, March 12-14, 1992
QA76.9M35 C64

Vol. 3 Clarke, E. M.; Kurshan, R. P. (Eds.)
Computer-aided verification ’90 : proceedings of a DIMACS Workshop, June 18-21, 1990
TK7874 D55 1991

Vol. 14  Calderbank, Robert; Forney, G. David; Moayeri, Nader (Eds.)
Coding and quantization : DIMACS/ IEEE Workshop, October 19-21, 1992
TK5102.5 C63

Vol. 2 Feigenbaum, Joan; Merritt, Michael (Eds.)
Distributed computing and cryptography : Proceedings of a DIMACS Workshop, october 4-6, 1989
QA76.9D5 D43 1989

Vol. 13 Cai, Jin-Yi (Ed.)
Advances in computational complexity theory
QA267.7 C35

Vol. 1 Cook, William J.; Seymour, Paul D. (Eds.)
Polyhedral combinatorics : Proceedings of a DIMACS Workshop : June 12-16, 1989
QA164 D55

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