Series Monográficas: Courant lecture notes


Vol. 26 Percus, Jerome kenneth; Childress, Stephen  
Mathematical models in developmental biology
QH323.5 Ch54 2015

Vol. 13. Bühler, Oliver 
A brief introduction to classical, statistical, and quantum mechanics
QC174.125 B84

Vol. 25 Friedrichs, Kurt O. 
Mathematical methods of electromagnetic theory
QC670 F75 2014

Vol. 12. Moser, Jürgen; Zehnder, Eduard J. 
Notes on dynamical systems 
QA614.8 M68

Vol. 24 Schütte, Christof; Sarich, Marco
Metastability and Markov state models in molecular dynamics : modeling, analysis, algorithmic approaches
QP517.M65 S38

Vol. 11 Varadarajan, V. S. 
Supersymmetry for mathematicians : an introduction
QA174.17S86 V37

Vol. 23 Percus, Jerome Kenneth 
Mathematical methods in immunology
QR182.2M36 P47

Vol. 10 Cazenave, Thierry 
Semilinear Schrödinger equations 
QC174.26W28 C39

Vol. 22 Hoppensteadt, F. C.
Mathematical methods for analysis of a complex disease
QH323.5 H652

Vol. 9 Majda, Andrew 
Introduction to PDEs and waves for the atmosphere and ocean
QC157 M35

Vol. 21 Hoppensteadt, Frank C. 
Quasi-static state analysis of differential, difference, integral, and gradient systems
QA372 H74

Vol. 8 Bogomolov, Fedor; Petrov, Tihomir 
Algebraic curves and one-dimensional fields
QA567.2S56 B64

Vol.  20 Esposito, Pierpaolo; Ghoussoub, Nassif; Guo, Yujin
Mathematical analysis of partial differential equations modeling electrostatic MEMS
TK7875 M38

Vol. 7 Varadhan, S. R. S. 
Probability theory 
QA273 V357

Vol. 19 Childress, Stephen
An introduction to theoretical fluid mechanics
QA901 C425

Vol. 6. Nirenberg, Louis; Artino, Ralph A. 
Topics in nonlinear functional analysis 
QA320 N57

Vol. 18 Deift, Percy; Gioev, Dimitri
Random matrix theory : invariant ensembles and universality
QA188 D45

Vol. 5 Hebey, Emmanuel 
Nonlinear analysis on manifolds : Sobolev spaces and inequalities 
QA323 H427

Vol. 17 Zhang, Ping 
Wigner measure and semiclassical limits of nonlinear Schrödinger equations
QC174.26W28 Z43

Vol. 4. Colding, Tobias H.; Minicozzi II, William P. 
Minimal Surfaces 
This volume has been discontinued

Vol. 16 Varadhan, S. R. S. 
Stochastic processes
QA273 V36 2007

Vol. 3 Deift, Percy 
Orthogonal polynomials and random matrices : a Riemann-Hilbert approach 
QA404.5 D45

Vol. 15 Artin, Emil; Blank, Albert A.
Algebra with Galois theory 
QA214 A75

Vol. 2 Shatah, Jalal M. Ihsan; Struwe, Michael 
Geometric wave equations
QC174.26W28 S43

Vol. 14 Lax, Peter D. 
Hyperbolic partial differential equations 
QA377 L39

Vol. 1. Han, Qing; Lin, Fanghua 
Elliptic partial differential equations 
QA377 H348

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