Series Monográficas: Courant lecture notes


Vol. 14 Lax, Peter D. 
Hyperbolic partial differential equations 
QA377 L39

Vol. 13. Bühler, Oliver 
A brief introduction to classical, statistical, and quantum mechanics
QC174.125 B84

Vol. 12. Moser, Jürgen; Zehnder, Eduard J. 
Notes on dynamical systems 
QA614.8 M68

Vol. 26 Percus, Jerome kenneth; Childress, Stephen  
Mathematical models in developmental biology
QH323.5 Ch54 2015

Vol. 11 Varadarajan, V. S. 
Supersymmetry for mathematicians : an introduction
QA174.17S86 V37

Vol. 25 Friedrichs, Kurt O. 
Mathematical methods of electromagnetic theory
QC670 F75 2014

Vol. 10 Cazenave, Thierry 
Semilinear Schrödinger equations 
QC174.26W28 C39

Vol. 24 Schütte, Christof; Sarich, Marco
Metastability and Markov state models in molecular dynamics : modeling, analysis, algorithmic approaches
QP517.M65 S38

Vol. 9 Majda, Andrew 
Introduction to PDEs and waves for the atmosphere and ocean
QC157 M35

Vol. 23 Percus, Jerome Kenneth 
Mathematical methods in immunology
QR182.2M36 P47

Vol. 8 Bogomolov, Fedor; Petrov, Tihomir 
Algebraic curves and one-dimensional fields
QA567.2S56 B64

Vol. 22 Hoppensteadt, F. C.
Mathematical methods for analysis of a complex disease
QH323.5 H652

Vol. 7 Varadhan, S. R. S. 
Probability theory 
QA273 V357

Vol. 21 Hoppensteadt, Frank C. 
Quasi-static state analysis of differential, difference, integral, and gradient systems
QA372 H74

Vol. 6. Nirenberg, Louis; Artino, Ralph A. 
Topics in nonlinear functional analysis 
QA320 N57

Vol.  20 Esposito, Pierpaolo; Ghoussoub, Nassif; Guo, Yujin
Mathematical analysis of partial differential equations modeling electrostatic MEMS
TK7875 M38

Vol. 5 Hebey, Emmanuel 
Nonlinear analysis on manifolds : Sobolev spaces and inequalities 
QA323 H427

Vol. 19 Childress, Stephen
An introduction to theoretical fluid mechanics
QA901 C425

Vol. 4. Colding, Tobias H.; Minicozzi II, William P. 
Minimal Surfaces 
This volume has been discontinued

Vol. 18 Deift, Percy; Gioev, Dimitri
Random matrix theory : invariant ensembles and universality
QA188 D45

Vol. 3 Deift, Percy 
Orthogonal polynomials and random matrices : a Riemann-Hilbert approach 
QA404.5 D45

Vol. 17 Zhang, Ping 
Wigner measure and semiclassical limits of nonlinear Schrödinger equations
QC174.26W28 Z43

Vol. 2 Shatah, Jalal M. Ihsan; Struwe, Michael 
Geometric wave equations
QC174.26W28 S43

Vol. 16 Varadhan, S. R. S. 
Stochastic processes
QA273 V36 2007

Vol. 1. Han, Qing; Lin, Fanghua 
Elliptic partial differential equations 
QA377 H348

Vol. 15 Artin, Emil; Blank, Albert A.
Algebra with Galois theory 
QA214 A75

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