Series Monográficas: Contemporary mathematics


Vol. 58. Sundararaman, D. (Ed.)
The Lefschetz Centennial Conference 1986 (Part 1), 1987 (Parts 2 and 3), proceedings of the Lefschetz Centennial Conference held december 10-14, 1984
QA564 L44 1984

Vol. 102. McAdam, Stephen 
Primes associated to an ideal 
QA251.3 M27

Vol. 52. Bartle, R. G.; Peck, N. T.; Peressini, A. L.; Uhl, J. J. (Eds.)
Geometry of normed linear spaces : proceedings of a Conference held June 9-12, 1983, in honor of Mahlon Marsh Day
QA322.2 G46

Vol. 98. Appel, Kenneth; Haken, Wolfgang 
Every planar map is four colorable 
QA612.18 A66

Vol. 48. Chuang, Chi-tai; Yang, Chung-chun (Eds.)
Analytic functions of one complex variable 
QA331 A53

Vol. 85. Lin, Bor-Luh (Ed.)
Banach space theory : proceedings of a Research Workshop, held July 5-25, 1987 with support from the National Science Foundation
QA322.2 R47 1987

Vol. 80. Prabhu, N. U. (Ed.)
Statistical inference from stochastic processes : proceedings of the AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference held August 9-15, 1987 with support from the National Science Foundation and the Army Research Office
QA274.A1 A57 1987

Vol. 76. Hobby, David C.; Mckenzie, Ralph 
The structure of finite algebras  
QA25 H625

Vol. 26. Beals, Richard; Beck, Anatole; Bellow, Alexandra; Hajian, Arshag (Eds.)
Conference on Modern Analysis and Probability, held at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, June 8-11, 1982
QA299.6 C64 1982

Vol. 22  Brillhart, John; Lehmer, D. H. ; Selfridge, J. L.; Tuckerman, Bryant; Wagstaff, S. S.  
Factorizations of b^n\pm 1,b = 2, 3, 5, 6, 7,10, 11, 12 up to high powers
QA161.F3 F32

Vol. 19. Miller, Haynes R. ; Priddy, Stewart B. (Eds.)
Proceedings of the Northwestern Homotopy Theory Conference, held at Northwestern Univeristy, March 22-26, 1982
QA612.7 N66 1983

Vol. 66. Gupta, Narain 
Free group rings 
QA171 G86

Vol. 16. Piatetski-Shapiro, Ilya 
Complex representations of GL (2,K) for finite fields K 
QA171 P52

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