Vol. 215 Dimitric, Radoslav
Slenderness. volume 1. Abelian categories 
QA611.28 D55


Modern approaches to the invariant subspace problem
QA322.4 C43
The Mathieu groups
QA171 I85
Vol. 187 Simon, Barry
Convexity : an analytic viewpoint
QA639.5 S55
Vol. 213 
Aún no publicado por la editorial
Dimensions, embeddings, and attractors
QA611.3 R63
Rigidity in higher rank Abelian group actions
QA640.77 K37
Fourier integrals in classical analysis
QA404 S64 2017
Algebraic theories : a categorical introduction to general algebra
QA169 A33519
Non-homogeneous random walks : Lyapunov function methods for near-critical stochastic systems
QA274.73 M45
Period domains over finite and p-adic fields
QA564 D37
Vol. 208 Benson, D. J.
Representations of elementary Abelian p-groups and vector bundles
QA180 B45
Nonlinear Markov processes and kinetic equations
QA274.7 K65
Auxiliary polynomials in number theory
QA241 M3677
Vol. 181 Pinkus, Allan
Totally positive matrices
QA188 P55
Vol. 205 Pinkus, Allan
Ridge functions
QA323 P55
Vol. 180 Kock, Anders
Synthetic geometry of manifolds
QA641 K635
Vol. 204 Totaro, Burt
Group cohomology and algebraic cycles 
QA612.3 T67
Dynamics of linear operators
QA329.2 B39
A primer on the Dirichlet space
QA315 E55
Analysis in positive characteristic
QA300 K63
Canonical Ramsey theory on Polish spaces
QA248 K356
Probability on real Lie algebras
QA252.3 F69
Vol. 201 Gurski, Nick
Probability on real Lie algebras
QA169 G87
Vol. 176 Ivanov, A. A.
The Monster group and Majorana involutions
QA177 I935
Probability on real Lie algebras
QA252.3 F69
The large sieve and its applications : arithmetic geometry, random walks and discrete groups
QA246 K68
Vol. 199 Green, R. M.
Combinatorics of minuscule representations
QA252.3 G74
Forcing idealized
QA248 Z365
Topics in critical point theory
QA329.9 P47
Enumeration of finite groups
QA177 B53
Induced representations of locally compact groups
QA387 K36
Rigid cohomology
QA612.3 L47
Vol. 196 Ivic, A.
The theory of Hardy’s Z-function
QA241 I82
Vol. 171 Adem, Alejandro; Leida, Johann; Ruan, Yongbin
Orbifolds and stringy topology
QA613 A34
A universal construction for groups acting freely on real trees
QA252.3 F69
Polynomials and vanishing cycles
QA404.5 T53
Mathematics of two-dimensional turbulence
QA911 K85
Quantum stochastic processes and noncommutative geometry
QA274 G565
Vol. 193 Bugeaud, Yann
Distribution modulo one and diophantine approximation
QA242 B84
The cube a window to convex and discrete geometry
QA639.5 Z645
Normal approximations with Malliavin calculus : from Stein’s method to universality
QA221 N68
Poincaré duality algebras, Macaulay’s dual systems, and Steenrod operations
QA612.782 M49
Vol. 191  Osswald, Horst
Malliavin calculus for Levy processes and infinite-dimensional Brownian motion : an introduction
QA274 O87
The Lévy Laplacian
QC20.7D5 F45
Vol. 190 Chu, Cho-Ho
Jordan structures in geometry and analysis
QA252.5 C48
Projective differential geometry old and new : from the Schwarzian derivative to the cohomology of diffeomorphism groups
QA660 O87
Nonlinear Perron-Frobenius theory
QA188 L45
The Covering property Axiom, CPA : a combinatorial core of the iterated perfect set model
QA248 C537

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