Series Monográficas: Cambridge studies in advanced mathematics

Vol. 164 Schneider, Peter  
Galois representations and (phi, Gamma)-modules
QA247.3 S34

From categories to homotopy theory
QA169 R49

Vol. 163 Bovier, Anton
Gaussian processes on trees : from spin glasses to branching Brownian motion
QA274.4 B68

The character theory of finite groups of Lie type : a guided tour
QA177 G425

Vol. 162 Bishop, Christopher J.; Peres, Yuval  
Fractals in probability and analysis
QA614.86 B57

Vol. 161 Webb, Peter
A course in finite group representation theory
QA177 W43

Foundations of stable homotopy theory
QA612.7 B378

Vol. 160 Bishop, Christopher J.; Peres, Yuval
Fractals in probability and analysis
QA614.86 B57

Fourier restriction, decoupling and applications
QA403.5 D45

Vol. 159 Matsumoto, Hiroyuki; Taniguchi, Setsuo
Stochastic analysis : Itó and Malliavin calculus in tandem
QA274.2 M3813

Derived categories
QA169 Y45

Vol. 158 Huybrechts, Daniel
Lectures on K3 surfaces
QA571 H89

Vol. 157 Robinson, James Cooper; Rodrigo, José L.; Sadowski, Witold
The three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations : classical theory
QA374 R62

A comprehensive introduction to sub-Riemannian geometry
QA295 D48 V.2

Vol. 156 Wall, Charles Terence Clegg
Differential topology
QA613.6 W35

Vol. 155 Pisier, Gilles
Martingales in Banach spaces
QA274.5 P57

Vol. 179 Nikolski, Nikolaĭ
Hardy spaces
QA331.7 N5513

Vol. 154 Jurdjevic, Velimir
Optimal control and geometry : integrable systems
QA402.3 J876

Vol. 178 Ogus, Arthur 
Lectures on logarithmic algebraic geometry
QA565 O38

Vol. 153 Beals, Richard; Wong, Roderick
Special functions and orthogonal polynomials
QA404.5 B425

Vol. 177  Peterson, Eric
Formal geometry and bordism operations
QA613.2 P49

Vol. 152 Paulsen, Vern I.; Raghupathi, Mrinal
An introduction to the theory of reproducing Kernel Hilbert spaces
QA322.4 P38

Vol. 176  Fleig, Philipp; Gustafsson, Henrik P. A.; Kleinschmidt, Axel; Persson, Daniel
Eisenstein series and automorphic representations with applications in string theory
QA353.A9 E57

Vol. 151 Viana, Marcelo; Oliveira, Krerley
Foundations of ergodic theory
QA611.5 V53

Vol. 175 Navarro, Gabriel
Character theory and the McKay conjecture
QA177 N39

Vol. 150 Mattila, Pertti
Fourier analysis and Hausdorff dimension
QA403.5 M38

Vol. 174 Garrett, Paul B.  
Modern analysis of automorphic forms by example. Volume 2
QA353.A9 G37 v. 2

Vol. 149 Godsil, C. D.; Meagher, Karen
Erdos-Ko-Rado theorems : algebraic approaches
QA164 G635

Vol. 173 Garrett, Paul B.  
Modern analysis of automorphic forms by example. Volume 1
QA353.A9 G37 v. 1

Vol. 148 Garcia, Stephan Ramon; Mashreghi, Javad; Rosss, William T.
Introduction to models space and their operators
QA320 G365

Vol. 172 Ceccherini-Silberstein, Tullio; Scarabotti, Fabio; Tolli, Filippo 
Discrete harmonic analysis : representations, number theory, expanders, and the fourier transform
QA403 C425

Vol. 147 Prasad, Amritanshu
Representation theory : a combinatorial viewpoint
QA182.5 P73

Vol. 171 Gough, John; Kupsch, Joachim   
Quantum fields and processes : a combinatorial approach
QA165 G68

Vol. 146 Evertse, J. H.; Gyory, Kalman
Unit equations in Diophantine number theory
QA242 E94

Vol. 170 Milne, J. S. 
Algebraic groups : the theory of group schemes of finite type over a field
QA564 M55

Vol. 145 Viana, Marcelo
Lectures on Lyapunov exponents
QA372 V53

Vol. 169 Landsberg, J. M.   
Geometry and complexity theory
QA267.7 L35

Vol. 144 Arzhantsev, Ivan Vladimirovich; Derenthal, Ulrich; Hausen, Jürgen; Laface, Antonio
Cox rings
QA564 A7913

Vol. 168 Carlson, James A.; Müller-Stach, Stefan; Peters, Chris  
Period mappings and period domains. 2nd ed.
QA564 C365 2017

Vol. 143 Leinster, Tom
Basic category theory
QA169 L447

Vol. 167 Li, Daniel; Queffélec, Hervé 
Introduction to Banach spaces : analysis and probability. Volume 2
QA322.2 L5313  Vol. 2

Vol. 142 Dudley, Richard M.
Uniform central limit theorems
QA273.67 D83 2014

Vol. 166 Li, Daniel; Queffélec, Hervé  
Introduction to Banach spaces : analysis and probability. Volume 1
QA322.2 L5313 Vol. 1

Vol. 141 Branner, Bodil; Fagella, Núria
Quasiconformal surgery in holomorphic dynamics
QA614.8 B73

Vol. 165 Gille, Philippe; Szamuely, Tamás  
Central simple algebras and Galois cohomology
QA169 G55 2017

Vol. 140 Pemantle, Robin; Wilson, Mark Curtis
Analytic combinatorics in several variables
QA164.8 P45

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