CRM proceedings & lecture Notes


Vol. 56 Dafni, Galia Devora; McCann, Robert John; Stancu, Alina (Eds.)
Analysis and geometry of metric measure spaces : lecture notes of the 50th Séminaire de Mathématiques Superieures (SMS), Montreal, 2011
QA611.28 S46 2011

Vol. 55 Boivin, Andre; Mashreghi, Javad (Eds.)
Complex analysis and potential theory
QA331.7 C657

Vol. 54 Daigle, Daniel; Ganong, Richard; Koras, Mariusz (Eds.)
Affine algebraic geometry : the Russell festschrift
QA477 A34

Vol. 53 Hart, Bradd T.; Kucera, Thomas G.; Pillay, Anand; Scott, Philip J.; Seely, Robert A. G. (Eds.)
Models, logics, and higher-dimensional categories : a tribute to the work of Mihaly Makkai
QA9.7 M65

Vol. 52 Jakobson, Dmitry; Nonnenmacher, Stephane; Polterovich, Iosif (Eds.)
Spectrum and dynamics : proceedings of the workshop held in Montreal, QC, April 7--11, 2008
QA614.8 S67

Vol. 51 Mashreghi, Javad; Ransford, Thomas; Seip, Kristian (Eds.)
Hilbert spaces of analytic functions
QA322.4 H55

Vol. 50 Kotiuga, P. Robert (Ed.)
A Celebration of the mathematical legacy of Raoul Bott
QA446 C42

Vol. 49 Abreu, Miguel; Lalonde, Francois; Polterovich, Leonid (Eds.)
New perspectives and challenges in symplectic field theory
QA665 N48

Vol. 48 Avis, David; Bremner, D.; Deza, Antoine (Eds.)
Polyhedral computation
QA491 P65

Vol.  47 Harnad, John P.; Winternitz, Pavel
Groups and symmetries : from Neolithic Scots to John McKay
QA174 G748

Vol. 46 Koninck, J. M. de; Granville, Andrew; Luca, Florian (Eds.) 
Anatomy of integers 
QA308 A53

Vol. 45 Pardalos, P. M.; Hansen, P. (Eds.) 
Data mining and mathematical programming 
QA402.5 D38

Vol. 44 Alama, Stanley; Bronsard, Lia; Sternberg, Peter J. (Eds.) 
Singularities in PDE and the calculus of variations 
QC20.7S54 S55

Vol. 43 Granville, Andrew; Nathanson, Melvyn Bernard; Solymosi, Jozsef (Eds.) 
Additive combinatorics 
QA164 C75

Vol. 42 Dawson, Donald Andrew; Jaksic, Vojkan; Vainberg, Boris Rufimovich (Eds.)
Probability and mathematical physics : a volume in honor of Stanislav Molchanov 
QC20.7P7 P77

Vol. 41 Bandrauk, André D.; Delfour, Michel C.; Le Bris, Claude (Eds.) 
High-dimensional partial differential equations in science and engineering 
QA377 H54

Vol. 40 Apostolov, Vestislav; Dancer, A.; Hitchin, N.; Wang, M. (Eds.) 
Perspectives in Riemannian geometry
QA649 P464

Vol. 39 Winternitz, Pavel; Gomez-Ullate, D.; Iserles, A.; Levi, D.; Olver, P. J.; Quispel, R.; Tempesta, P. (Eds.) 
Group theory and numerical analysis 
QA174 W67

Vol. 38 Hurtubise, Jacques; Markman, Eyal (Eds.) 
Algebraic structures and moduli spaces : CRM Workshop, July 14-20, 2003, Montréal, Canada 
QA162 A536

Vol. 37 Tempesta, Piergiulio; Winternitz, P.; Harnad, J.; Miller, W.; Pogosyan, G. (Eds.) 
Superintegrability in classical and quantum systems 
QC20.7H35 W67

Vol. 36 Kisilevsky, Hershy; Goren, Eyal Zvi (Eds.)
Number theory : Canadian Number Theory Association VII, Montreal, May 19-25, 2002 
QA241 C355 2002

Vol. 35 Campbell, Harold Edward Alexander Eddy; Wehlau, David L. (Eds.) 
Invariant theory in all characteristics 
QA201 I585

Vol. 34 Winternitz, Pavel; Harnad, J.; Lam, C. S.; Patera, J. (Eds.)
Symmetry in physics : in memory of Robert T. Sharp 
QC174.17S9 W67

Vol. 33 Bandrauk, Andre D.; Delfour, Michel C.; Le Bris, Claude (Eds.) 
Quantum control : mathematical and numerical challenges : CRM workshop, October 6-11, 2002, Montreal, Canada 
QC689.5L35 Q83

Vol. 32 Kuznetsov, Vadim B. (Ed.) 
The Kowalevski property 
QA614.8 K68

Vol. 31 Harnad, John P.; Its, Alexander R. (Eds.) 
Isomonodromic deformations and applications in physics : CRM workshop, May 1-6, 2000, Montreal, Canada 
QA372 I76

Vol. 30 McKay, John; Sebbar, Abdellah (Eds.)
Proceedings on moonshine and related topics 
QA326 P76

Vol. 29 Coley, A. A.; Levi, Decio; Milson, RObert; ROgers, Colin, Winsternitz (Eds.) 
Bäcklund and Darboux transformations : the geometry of solitons : AARMS-CRM Workshop, june 4-9, 1999, Halifax, N.S., Canada 
QC174.26W28 A3 1999

Vol. 28 Taylor, John Christopher (Ed.)
Topics in probability and Lie groups : boundary theory 
QA273.A1 T65 1992

Vol. 27 Sigal, Israel Michael; Sulem, Catherine (Eds.) 
Nonlinear dynamics and renormalization group 
QC20.7R43 N65

Vol. 26 Harnad, John P.; Sabidussi, Gert; Winternitz, Pavel (Eds.)
Integrable systems : from classical to quantum : proceedings of the 38th session of the seminaire de mathematiques superieures, July 26-August 6, 1999 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
QA614.83 I68

Vol. 25 Levi, Decio; Ragnisco, Orlando (Eds.) 
SIDE III : Symmetries and integrability of difference equations 
QA431 S95 2000

Vol. 24 Gordon, B. Brent; Lewis, James D.; Müller-Stach, Stefan; Saito, Shuji (Eds.) 
The Arithmetic and geometry of algebraic cycles 
QA564 A73

Vol. 23 Hansen, Pierre; Marcotte, Odile (Eds.) 
Graph colouring and aplications
QA612.18 G73

Vol. 22 Van Diejen, Jan Felipe; Vinet, Luc (Eds.) 
Algebraic methods and q-special functions
QA404.5 A54

Vol. 21 Fortin, Michel (Ed.) 
Plates and shells 
TA660.S5 P53

Vol. 20 Coughlin, Katie (Ed.) 
Semi-analytic methods for the Navier-Stokes equations
QA929 S45

Vol. 19 Gupta, Rajiv; Williams, Kenneth S. (Eds.) 
Number theory : Fifth Conference of the Canadian Number Theory Association, August 17-22, 1996, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
QA241 C355 1996

Vol. 18 Dubuc, Serge; Deslauriers, Gilles (Eds.) 
Spline functions and the theory of wavelets
QA224 S65

Vol. 17 Kharlampovich, Olga (Ed.) 
Summer School in Group Theory in Banff, 1996 
QA174 S85 1996

Vol. 16 Vincent, Alain P. (Ed.) 
Numerical methods in fluid mechanics 
QC145.2 N85

Vol. 15 Lalonde, Francois (Ed.) 
Geometry, topology, and dynamics 
QA641 G47

Vol. 14 Harnad, John P.; Kasman, Alex (Eds.) 
The bispectral problem 
QA193 B57

Vol. 13 Delfour, Michel C. (Ed.) 
Boundaries, interfaces, and transitions 
QC20.7G44 B68

Vol. 12 Greiner, Peter Charles... et al. (Ed.) 
Partial differential equations and their applications 
QA377 P3744

Vol. 11 Vinet, Luc (Ed.) 
Advances in mathematical sciences--CRM’s 25 years
QA7 A38

Vol. 10 Knuth, Donald Ervin; 
Stable marriage and its relation to other combinatorial problems : an introduction to the mathematical analysis of algorithms 
QA614 K5813

Vol. 9. Levi, Decio; Vinet, Luc; Winternitz, Pavel (Eds.) 
Symmetries and integrability of difference equations 
QA431 S95 1996

Vol. 8 Feldman, Joel S.; Froese, Richard Gerd; Rosen, Lon M. (Eds.) 
Mathematical quantum theory II : Schrodinger operators 
QC174.17S3 M37

Vol. 7. Feldman, Joel S.; Froese, Richard Gerd; Rosen, Lon M. (Eds.) 
Mathematical quantum theory I : field theory and many-body theory 
QC174.45A1 M37