Series Monográficas: Annals of Mathematics Studies


Vol. 111 Gerstein, S. N.; Stallings, John Robert (Eds.)
Combinatorial group theory and topology
QA171 C5435

Vol. 96 Langlands, Robert P.
Base change for gl (2)
QA171 L344

Vol. 110  Eisenbud, David; Neumann, Walter David
Three-dimensional link theory and invariants of plane curve singularities
QA612.2 E56

Vol. 95 Douglas, Ronald G.
C -algebra extensions and k-homology
QA326 D67

Vol. 109 Freidlin, M. I
Functional integration and partial differential equations
QA371 F73

Vol. 94 Borel, Armand; Wallach, Nolan R.
Continuous cohomology discrite subgroups, and representations of reductive groups
QA387 B66

Vol. 108 Katz, Nicholas M.; Mazur, Barry
Arithmetic moduli of elliptic curves
QA567 K37

Vol. 93 Guillemin, Victor W.; Kashiwara, Masaki; Kamai, Takahiro
Seminar on micro-local analysis
QA300.5 G84

Vol. 107 Lusztig, George
Characters of reductive groups over a finite field
QA171 L868

Vol. 92 Madsen, Ib Henning; Milgram, R. James
The classifying spaces for surgery and cobordism of manifolds
QA613.2 M32

Vol. 106 Griffiths, Phillip
Topics in transcendental algebraic geometry
QA564 T66

Vol. 91 Hörmander, Lars
Seminar on singularities of solutions of linear partial differential equations
QA374 H66

Vol. 105 Giaquinta, Mariano
Multiple integrals in the calculus of variations and nonlinear elliptic systems
QA343 G52

Vol. 90 Adams, John Frank
Infinite loop spaces
QA612.76 A32

Vol. 104 Friedlander, Eric M.
Etale homotopy of simplicial schemes
QA612.3 F75

Vol. 89 Stoll, Wilhelm
Invariant forms on Grassmann manifolds
QA331 S828

Vol. 103 Bombieri, Enrico (Ed.)
Seminar on minimal submanifolds
QA649 S45

Vol. 88 Kirby, Robion C.; Siebenmann, Laurence, C.
Foundational essays on topological manifolds, smoothings, and triangulations
QA613 K56

Vol. 102 Yau, Shing-Tung (Ed.)
Seminar on differential geometry
QA641 S44

Vol. 87 Lax, Peter D.
Scattering theory for automorphic functions
QA353.A9 L39

Vol. 101 Marcus, Michael B.; Pisier, Gilles
Random fourier series with applications to harmonic analysis
QA404 M36

Vol. 86 Hempel, John
3 i. e. three! manifold
QA613 H45

Vol. 100 Fornaess, John Erik (Ed.)
Recent developments in several complex variables
QA331 R42

Vol. 85 Griffiths, Phillip
Entire holomorphic mappings in one and several complex variables
QA331 G747

Vol. 99 Boutet de Monvel, L. ; Guillemin, V.
The spectral theory of teoplitz operators
QA329.2 B63

Vol. 84  Neuwirth, Lee Paul
Knots, groups, and 3-manifolds: Papers dedicated to the memory of R. H Fox
QA612.2 N74

Vol. 98 Bak, Anthony
K-theory of forms
QA169 B33

Vol. 83 Gelbart, Stephen S.
Automorphic forms on Adele groups
QA171 G39

Vol. 97 Kra, Irwin; Maskit, Bernard
Riemann surfaces and related topics : Proceedings of the 1978 stony brook conference
QA333 K73

Vol. 82 Lusztig, George
The discrete series of GLn over a finite field
QA171 L84

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