Series Monográficas: Annals of Mathematics Studies


Vol. 141 Rapoport, M.; Zink, Thomas
Period spaces for p-divisible groups
QA564 R36 1996

Vol. 126 Walker, Kevin
An extension of Casson invariant
QA613 W36

Vol. 140 Lescop, Christine
Global surgery formula for the Casson-Walker invariant
QA613.658 L47 1996

Vol. 125 Penner, R. C. ; Harer, John
Combinatorics of train tracks
QA649 P45

Vol. 139 Katz, Nicholas M.
Rigid local systems
QA372 K375 1996

Vol. 124 Katz, Nicholas M.
Exponential sums and differential equations
QA246.7 K37

Vol. 138 Quinn, Frank (Ed.)
Prospects in topology : proceedings of a conference in honor of William Browder
QA611.A1 P76 1995

Vol. 123 Rogawski, Jonathan David
Automorphic respresentations of unitary groups in three variables
QA171 R61

Vol. 137 Bloom, Thomas; Catlin, David; Angelo, John P. D'; Siu, Yum-Tong (Eds.)
Modern methods in complex analysis
QA300 M63 1995

Vol. 122  Folland, G. B
Harmonic analysis in phase space
QC174.85E76 F65

Vol. 136 Cordaro, Paulo D.; Treves, Francois
Hyperfunctions on hypo-analytic manifolds
QA324 C67 1994

Vol. 121 Guillemin, Victor
Cosmology in (2+1)-dimensions, cyclic models, and deformations of m2, 1
QB981 G85

Vol. 135 McMullen, Curtis T.
Complex dynamics and renormalization
QC20.7R43 M33

Vol. 120 Arthur, James; Clozel, Laurent
Simple algebras, base change, and the advanced theory of the trace formula
QA171 A72

Vol. 134 Kauffman, Louis H.; Lins, Sostenes
Temperley-Lieb recoupling theory and invariants of 3-manifolds
QA612.2 K378

Vol. 119 Beals, Richard; Greiner, Peter Charles
Calculus on Heisenberg manifolds
QA329.42 B43

Vol. 133 Dwork, Bernard M.; Gerotto, Giovanni; Sullivan, Francis J.
An introduction to G-functions
QA242.5 D86

Vol. 118 Vogan, David A.
Unitary representations of reductive Lie groups
QA387 V64

Vol. 132 Deligne, Pierre; Mostow, George Daniel
Commensurabilities among lattices in PU (1,n)
QA353.H9 D45

Vol. 117 Nelson, Edward
Radically elementary probability theory
QA273 N45

Vol. 131 Fulton, William
Introduction to toric varieties
QA571 F85

Vol. 116 Katz, Nicholas
Gauss sums, kloosterman sums, and monodromy groups
QA564 K37 1988

Vol. 130 Eells, James; Ratto, Andrea
Harmonic maps and minimal immersions with symmetries : methods of ordinary differential equations applied to elliptic variational problems
QA614.73 E45

Vol. 115 Kauffman, Louis H.
On knots
QA612.2 K376

Vol. 129 Bushnell, Colin John; Kutzko, Philip C.
The admissible dual of GL(N) via compact open subgroups
QA171 B77

Vol. 114 Griffiths, Phillip A.; Jensen, Gary R.
Differential systems and isometric embeddings
QA649 G75

Vol. 128 Ravenel, Douglas C.
Nilpotence and periodicity in stable homotopy theory
QA612.7 R37

Vol. 113  Moore, John C. ; Browder, William
Algebraic topology and algebraic k-theory : Proceedings of a conference october 24-28, 1983, at princeton university, dedicated to john c. moore on his 60th birthday
QA612 A52 1987

Vol. 127 Faltings, Gerd
Lectures on the aritmetic riemann-roch theorem
QA564 F36

Vol. 112 Stein, Elias M.
Beijing lectures in harmonic analysis
QA403 B38

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