Series Monográficas: Annals of Mathematics Studies


Vol. 81 Lusztig, George
The discrete series of GLn over a finite field
QA171 L84

Vol. 66  Ahlfors, Lars V. (Ed.)
Advances in the theory of Riemann surfaces : proceedings of the 1969 stony brook conference
QA333 A42

Vol. 80 Hirsch, Morris; Mazur, Barry
Smoothings of piecewise linear manifolds
QA613.4 H57

Vol. 65 Chung, Kai Lai
Lectures on boundary theory for markou chains
QA274.7 C47

Vol. 79 Greenberg, Leon (Ed.)
Discontinuous groups and riemann surfaces : Proceedings of the 1973 conference at the university of maryland
QA333 C64 1973

Vol. 64  Wu, Hung-hsi
The equidistribution theory of holomorphic curves
QA331 W83

Vol. 78 Mostow, George D
Strong rigidity of locally symmetric spaces
QA649 M67

Vol. 63  Stein, Elias M. 
Topics in harmonic analysis : related to the Littlewood-Paley theory
QA403 S832

Vol. 77 Moser, Jurgen
Stable and random motions in dynamical systems : With special emphasis on celestial mechanics
QB351 M85

Vol. 62 Speer, Eugene R.
Generalized feynman amplitudes
QC174.45 S63

Vol. 76 Milnor, John Willard and Stasheff, James D.
Characteristic classes
QA613.618 M54

Vol. 61 Milnor, John Willand
Singular points of complex hypersurfaces
QA564 M54

Vol. 75 Folland, G. B;  Kohn, Joseph John
The Neumann problem for the Cauchy-Riemann complex
QA374 F59

Vol. 60 Armentrout, S.;  Bing, R.H.; Burgees, C. E. (Eds.)
Topology seminar, wisconsin
QA611 T665

Vol. 74 Iwasawa, Ken Kichi
Lectures on p-adic l-functions
QA247 I86

Vol. 59 Mumford, David
Lectures on curves on an algebraic surface
QA564 M83

Vol. 73 Kumpera, Antonio and Spencer Donald
Lie equations
QA387 K84

Vol. 58 Chang, Chen Chung
Continuous model theory
QA97 C44

Vol. 72 Milnor, John Willard
Introduction to algebraic k-theory
QA251.5 M55

Vol. 57 Palais, Richard S. (Ed.)
Seminar on Atiyah-Singer index theorem
QA612 P3

Vol. 71 Laufer, Henry B.
Normal two-dimensional singularities
QA331 L37

Vol. 56 Sacks, Gerald E.
Degrees of unsolvability
QA248.5 S2

Vol. 70 Hirzebruch, F. ; Hormander, Lars; Milnor, John; Serre, Jean Pierre; Singer, I. M.
Prospects in mathematics
QA1 P75

Vol. 55 Sacks, Gerald E.
Degrees of unsolvability
QA248.5 S2

Vol. 69 Anderson, R. D.
Symposium on infinite dimensional topology*
QA611 S94

Vol. 54 Munkres, James Raymond
Elementary differential topology : Lectures given at massachusetts institute of technology, fall, 196
QA612 M85

Vol. 68 Miller, Charles F.
On group-theoretic decision problems and their classification
QA171 M54

Vol. 53 Auslander, Louis; Green, I. and Hahn, F.
Flows on homogeneous spaces
QA611.5 A85

Vol. 67 Shatz, Stephen S.
Profinite groups, arithmetic, and geometry
QA171 S45

Vol.  52  Drasher, Melvin; Shapley, I.S. and Tucker, A. W.
Advances in game theory
QA269 D73

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