Vol. 33. Andronov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich... [et al.] 
9 papers on differential equations, 2 on information theory 
QA371 N5513

Vol. 17 Plotkin, Boris Isaakovich... [et al.]
Twelve papers on algebra and real functions
QA331.5 T8413

Vol. 32. Dzrhasjan, M. M... [et al.] 
17 papers on functions of complex variables 
QA331 S473

Vol. 16 Plotkin, Boris Isaakovich... [et al.]
Thirty-five scientific communications from the all union conference on functiona analysis and its applications, jan. 17-24 1956 : Five papers on analysis
QA320 T45

Vol. 31. Dykin, E. B... [et al.] 
6 lectures delivered at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Stockholm, 1962 
QA7 S59

Vol. 15. Markov, Andrei Andreevich... [et al.]
Nine papers on foundations, algebra, topology, functions of a complex variable 
QA155 N5513

Vol. 30. Aleksandrov, P. S... [et al.] 
10 papers on topology 
QA611.15 T45

Vol. 14. Levin, V. I... [et al.] 
Eleven papers on analysis 
QA300.5 E53513

Vol. 29. Gelfand, Izrail Moiseevich... [et al.] 
12 papers on logic and differential equations
QA9 T84

Vol. 12. Krein, Mark Grigorevich... [et al.] 
Eleven papers on analysis, probability, and topology 
QA300.5 E53713

Vol. 28 Arnold, V.I...[y otros] 
16 papers on analysis
QA300.5 S59

Vol. 11. Pontriagin, Lev Semenovich... [et al.]
Four papers on topology 
QA611.15 F6813

Vol. 27. Brudno, A. L. 
18 papers on algebra 
QA155 E55

Vol. 10. Leontev, A. F... [et al.] 
Thirten papers on analysis 
QA300.5 T4713

Vol. 26. Aizerman, Mark Aronovich, ... [et al.] 
17 papers on analysis 
QA300.5 S4713

Vol. 9. Novikov, P. [et al.] 
Four papers on group theory 
QA171 F6713

Vol. 25 Barbashin, Evgenii Alekseevich... [et al.]
12 papers on analysis, applied mathematics, and algebraic topology
QA305 T8413

Vol. 8. Noshiro, Kiyoshi... [et al.] 
Twelve papers on function theory, probability, and differential equations 
QA331 T8313

Vol. 24 Egorov, G. C.... [et al.]
8 papers on differential equations
QA371 E4313

Vol. 7. Postnikov, M. M... [et al.] 
Two papers on homotopy theory of continuous mappings
QA612.7 P67

Vol. 23 Detlova, V. K. ...[et al.]
9 papers logic and quantum electrodynamics
QA9 N55

Vol. 6. Rosevskii, P. K... [et al.]
Five papers on algebra and group theory 
QA171 F58

Vol. 22 Abiezer, N. I.... [et al.] 
9 papers on analysis
QA300.5 N5513

Vol. 5. Khavinson, S. Ya... [et al. 
Eight papers on functional analysis and partial differential equations
QA320 E54

Vol. 21 Smirnov, Yu. M.... [et al.]
9 papers on topology, lie groups, and differential equations
QA611.15 N5513

Vol. 4. Walfisz, A. Z... [et al.] 
Eight papers on algebra and number theory 
QA155 E54

Vol. 20 Keseler, A. I. ... [et al.]
6 papers on partial differential equations
QA374 S59

Vol. 2. Malcer, A. I... [et al.] 
Eight papers on group theory 
QA171 E5413

Vol. 19 Gel’fond, Aleksandr Osipovich. ...[et al.]
12 papers on number theory and function theory
QA241 T8813

Vol. 1. Aleksandrov, Pauel Sergeevich... [et al.] 
Eleven papers on topology, function theory 
QA611.5 E5613

Vol. 18 Goluzin, Gennadii Mikhallovich.... [et al.]
Twenty papers on analytic functions and ordinary differential equations
QA372 T8413

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