Series Monográficas: AMS/IP studies in advanced mathematics


Vol. 21Jost, Jürgen 
Bosonic strings : a mathematical treatment 
QC794.6S5 J67

Vol. 10. Phong, Duong H.; Vinet, Luc; Yau, Shing-Tung (Ed.)
Mirror symmetry III : proceeding of the Conference on Complex Geometry and Mirror Symmetry, Montreal, 1995 
QC174.17S9 C63 1995

Vol. 20
Yang, Le, 1939; Yau, Stephen Shing-Toung (Eds.)
First International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians : proceedings of ICCM98, December 12-16, 1998, Morningside Center of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China 
QA27.C5 I57

Vol. 9. Yau, Shing-Tung (Ed.) 
Mirror symmetry I
QC174.17S9 M567 1998

Vol. 19Chen, So-Chin 
Partial differential equations in several complex variables 
QA331.7 C445

Vol. 8. Jost, Jürgen; Kendall, Wilfrid; Mosco, Umberto; Röckner, Michael; Sturm, Karl-Theodor 
New directions in Dirichlet forms 
QA274.2 N486

Vol. 18. Zheng, Fangyang 
Complex differential geometry 
QA331.7 Z44

Vol. 7. Buell, Duncan A.; Teitelbaum, Jeremy T.; Atkin, A. O. L. (Eds.)
Computational perspectives on number theory : proceedings of a confernece in honor of A.O.L. Atkin, September 1995, University of Illinois at Chicago 
QA241 C644

Vol. 17Guo, Lei; Yau, Stephen Shing-Toung (Eds.) 
Lectures on systems, control, and information : lectures at the Morningside Center of Mathematics 
QA402.3 L376

Vol. 6. Levine, Harold 
Partial differential equations 
QA377 L495

Vol. 16Weikard, Rudi; Weinstein, Gilbert (Eds.) 
Differential equations and mathematical physics : proceedings of an international conference held at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, March 16-20, 1999 
QC20.7D5 D54

Vol. 5. Lu, Chi-keng; Yau, Stephen Shing-Toung; Libgober, Anatoly (Eds.) 
Singularities and complex geometry : Seminar on Singularities and Complex Geometry, june 15-20, 1994, Beijing, China 
QA614.58 S45 1994

Vol. 15Hsiao, Ling; Xin, Zhouping (Eds.) 
Some current topics on nonlinear conservation laws : lectures at the Morningside Center of Mathematics, 1
QA377 S576

Vol. 4. Chari, Vyjayanthi; Penkov, Ivan Boyanov (Eds.) 
Modular interfaces : modular Lie algebras, quantum groups, and Lie superalgebras 
QA252.3 M65 1997

Vol. 14Igusa, Jun-ichi 
An introduction to the theory of local zeta functions 
QA351 I48

Vol. 3. Ting, Hsia-hsi; Liu, Tai-Ping (Eds.) 
Nonlinear evolutionary partial differential equations : International Conference on Nonlinear Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations, June 21-25, 1993, Beijing, People’s Republic of China 
QA377 I58 1993

Vol. 13Alexiades, Vasilios; Siopsis, George (Ed.) 
Trends in mathematical physics : proceedings of the Conference on Trends in Mathematical Physics, October 14-17, 1998, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
QC19.2 C654 1998

Vol. 2. Kazez, William Hilal (Ed.) 
Geometric topology : 1993 Georgia International Topology Conference, August 2-13, 1993, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 
QA611.A1 G46 1993

Vol. 12
Kung, Sheng 
The Bieberbach conjecture 
QA331.7 K836

Vol. 1. Greene, Brian; Yau, Shing-Tung (Eds.) 
Mirror symmetry II 
QC174.17S9 M567 1997

Vol. 11. Mochizuki, Shinichi
Foundations of p-adic Teichmuller theory 
QA337 M63

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