AMS/IP studies in advanced mathematics


Vol. 51 Ji, Lizhen; Sun Poon, Yat; Lo, Yang; Yau, Shing-Tung (Eds.)
Fifth International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians
QA1 I746 2010  

Vol. 50 Andersen, Jorgen E.; Boden, Hans U.; Hann, Atle; Himpel, Benjamin (Eds.)
Chern-Simons gauge theory 20 years after
QA241 C445

Vol. 49 Plaue, Matthias; Rendall, Alan D.; Scherfner, M. (Eds.)
Advances in Lorentzian geometry : proceedings of the Lorentzian geometry conference in Berlin
QA649 A38

Vol. 48 Ji, Lizhen; Liu, Kefeng; Yang, Lo; Yau, Shing-Tung (Eds.)
Fourth International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians
QA1 I746 2007

Vol. 47 Grigoryan, Alexander
Heat kernel and analysis on manifolds 
QA377 G746

Vol.  46 Fukaya, Kenji; Oh, Yong-Geun; Ohta, Hiroshi; Ono, Kaoru
Lagrangian intersection floer theory : anomaly and obstruction. 2 Vols.
QA665 L34

Vol. 45 Bieri, Lydia; Zipser, Nina
Extensions of the stability theorem of the Minkowski space in general relativity
QA689 B54

Vol. 44Sharpe, Eric R.; Greenspoon, Arthur (Eds.) 
Advances in string theory : the First Sowers Workshop in Theoretical Physics
QC794.6S85 S66

Vol. 43Ji, Lizhen
Arithmetic groups and their generalizations: what, why, and how 
QA171 J5

Vol. 42Lau, Ka-sing; Xin, Zhouping; Yau, Shing-Tung (Eds.)
Third International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians. 
QA1 I568 2004

Vol. 41Li, W. C. Winnie (Ed.) 
Recent trends in coding theory and its applications
QA268 R43

Vol. 40Calin, Ovidiu 
Geometric analysis on the Heisenberg group and its generalizations 
QA670 C35

Vol. 39Chen, Zhijie (Ed.) 
Proceedings of the International Conference on Complex Geometry and Related Fields 
QA641 I569

Vol. 38Yui, Noriko; Yau, Shing-Tung; Lewis, James Dominic (Eds.) 
Mirror symmetry V : proceedings of the BIRS workshop on Calabi-Yau varieties and mirror symmetry, December 6-11, 2003, Banff International Research Station for Mathematics Innovation & Discovery 
QC174.17S9 M567 2003

Vol. 37Ji, Lizhen; Li, Jian-Shu; Xu, H. W.; Yau, Shing-Tung (Eds.) 
Lie groups and automorphic forms 
QA387 L535

Vol. 36. Terng, Chuu-lian (Ed.) 
Integrable systems, geometry, and topology 
QA614.83 I685

Vol. 35Finster, Felix
The principle of the fermionic projector 
QC174.45 F55

Vol. 34Wang, Renhong (Ed.)
Computational geometry : lectures at the Morningside Center of Mathematics 
QA614.58 C65

Vol. 33D’Hoker, Eric; Phong, Duong H.; Yau, Shing-Tung
Mirror symmetry IV 
QC174.17S9 C63 2002

Vol. 32Zhu, Xi-Ping 
Lectures on mean curvature flows 
QA645 Z48

Vol. 31Igusa, Kiyoshi 
Higher Franz-Reidemeister torsion 
QA613.4 I48

Vol. 30Han, Weimin 
Quasistatic contact problems in viscoelasticity and viscoplasticity 
QA931 H344

Vol. 29. Chen, Shuxing; Yau, Shing-Tung (Eds.) 
Geometry and nonlinear partial differential equations : dedicated to professor Buqing Su in honor of his 100th birthday 
QA641 G462

Vol. 28Afraimovich, Valentin Senderovich 
Lectures on chaotic dynamical systems 
QA614 A47

Vol. 27Murty, Maruti Ram.
Introduction to p-adic analytic number theory 
QA241 M868

Vol. 26Chan, Raymond H. (Ed.) 
Applied probability 
QA273.A1 I528

Vol. 25.Deng, Dong-Gao; Huang, Daren; Jia, Rong-Qing; Lin, Wei; Wang, Jianzhong (Eds.)
Wavelet analysis and applications : proceedings of an international conference on wavelet analysis and its applications, November 15-20, 1999, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China 
QA403.3 W33

Vol. 24Gilman, Jane; Menasco,William W.; Lin, Xiao-song 
Knots, braids, and mapping class groups--papers dedicated to Joan S. Birman 
QA612.14 K56

Vol. 23Vafa, Cumrun; Yau, Shing-Tung (Eds.) 
Winter school on mirror symmetry, vector bundles, and Lagrangian submanifolds : proceedings of the Winter School on Mirror Symmetry, january 1999, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
QC174.17S9 W55

Vol. 22Berenstein, Carlos A. 
Laguerre calculus and its applications on the Heisenberg group 
QA432 B47

Vol. 21Jost, Jürgen 
Bosonic strings : a mathematical treatment 
QC794.6S5 J67

Vol. 20
Yang, Le, 1939; Yau, Stephen Shing-Toung (Eds.)
First International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians : proceedings of ICCM98, December 12-16, 1998, Morningside Center of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China 
QA27.C5 I57

Vol. 19Chen, So-Chin 
Partial differential equations in several complex variables 
QA331.7 C445

Vol. 18. Zheng, Fangyang 
Complex differential geometry 
QA331.7 Z44

Vol. 17Guo, Lei; Yau, Stephen Shing-Toung (Eds.) 
Lectures on systems, control, and information : lectures at the Morningside Center of Mathematics 
QA402.3 L376

Vol. 16Weikard, Rudi; Weinstein, Gilbert (Eds.) 
Differential equations and mathematical physics : proceedings of an international conference held at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, March 16-20, 1999 
QC20.7D5 D54

Vol. 15Hsiao, Ling; Xin, Zhouping (Eds.) 
Some current topics on nonlinear conservation laws : lectures at the Morningside Center of Mathematics, 1
QA377 S576

Vol. 14Igusa, Jun-ichi 
An introduction to the theory of local zeta functions 
QA351 I48

Vol. 13Alexiades, Vasilios; Siopsis, George (Ed.) 
Trends in mathematical physics : proceedings of the Conference on Trends in Mathematical Physics, October 14-17, 1998, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
QC19.2 C654 1998

Vol. 12
Kung, Sheng 
The Bieberbach conjecture 
QA331.7 K836

Vol. 11. Mochizuki, Shinichi
Foundations of p-adic Teichmuller theory 
QA337 M63

Vol. 10. Phong, Duong H.; Vinet, Luc; Yau, Shing-Tung (Ed.)
Mirror symmetry III : proceeding of the Conference on Complex Geometry and Mirror Symmetry, Montreal, 1995 
QC174.17S9 C63 1995

Vol. 9. Yau, Shing-Tung (Ed.) 
Mirror symmetry I
QC174.17S9 M567 1998

Vol. 8. Jost, Jürgen; Kendall, Wilfrid; Mosco, Umberto; Röckner, Michael; Sturm, Karl-Theodor 
New directions in Dirichlet forms 
QA274.2 N486

Vol. 7. Buell, Duncan A.; Teitelbaum, Jeremy T.; Atkin, A. O. L. (Eds.)
Computational perspectives on number theory : proceedings of a confernece in honor of A.O.L. Atkin, September 1995, University of Illinois at Chicago 
QA241 C644

Vol. 6. Levine, Harold 
Partial differential equations 
QA377 L495

Vol. 5. Lu, Chi-keng; Yau, Stephen Shing-Toung; Libgober, Anatoly (Eds.) 
Singularities and complex geometry : Seminar on Singularities and Complex Geometry, june 15-20, 1994, Beijing, China 
QA614.58 S45 1994

Vol. 4. Chari, Vyjayanthi; Penkov, Ivan Boyanov (Eds.) 
Modular interfaces : modular Lie algebras, quantum groups, and Lie superalgebras 
QA252.3 M65 1997

Vol. 3. Ting, Hsia-hsi; Liu, Tai-Ping (Eds.) 
Nonlinear evolutionary partial differential equations : International Conference on Nonlinear Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations, June 21-25, 1993, Beijing, People’s Republic of China 
QA377 I58 1993

Vol. 2. Kazez, William Hilal (Ed.) 
Geometric topology : 1993 Georgia International Topology Conference, August 2-13, 1993, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 
QA611.A1 G46 1993