History of mathematics


Vol.  41 Hollings, Christopher
Mathematics across the Iron Curtain : a history of the algebraic theory of semigroups
QA182 H65

Vol. 40 Duda, Roman  
Pearls from a lost city : the Lvov school of mathematics
QA14.U382 D8313

Vol. 39 Dedekind, Richard; Weber, Heinrich
Theory of algebraic functions of one variable
QA169 A55

Vol. 38 Alexander, Daniel S.; Iavernaro, Felice; Rosa, Alessandro
Early days in complex dynamics : a history of complex dynamics in one variable during 1906-1942
QA297.8 A46

Vol. 37 Poincaré, Henri
Papers on topology : analysis situs and its five supplements
QA612 P64

Vol. 36 Charpentier, Eric; Ghys, Etienne; Lesne, Annick (Eds.)
The Scientific legacy of Poincaré
Q143.P6 H4713

Vol. 35 Adams, William J.
The life and times of the central limit theorem. -- 2nd ed.
QA273.67 A33 2009

Vol. 34. Green, Judy; LaDuke, Jeanne 
Pioneering women in American mathematics : the pre-1940 PhD’s 
QA28 G74

Vol. 33 Menzler-Trott, Eckart
Logic’s lost genius : the life of Gerhard Gentzen
QA29.G467 M4513

Vol. 32 Gray, Jeremy J.; Parshall, Karen Hunger (Eds.)
Episodes in the history of modern algebra (1800-1950)
QA151 E65

Vol. 31 Goodstein, Judith R.
The Volterra chronicles : the life and times of an extraordinary mathematician, 1860-1940
QA29.V65 G66

Vol. 30 Artin, Emil
Exposition by Emil Artin : a selection
QA247 A78

Vol. 29 Berggren, J. L.; Thomas, R. S. D. 
Euclid’s Phaenomena : a translation and study of a hellenistic treatise in spherical astronomy
QB144 E8313 1996

Vol. 28 Altmann, Simon L.; Ortiz, editoruardo L. (Eds.)
Mathematics and social utopias in France : Olinde Rodrigues and his times
QA29.R58 M38

Vol.  27 Von Neumann, John
John von Neumann selected letters
QA29.V66 A4 2005

Vol. 26 Delone, Boris Nikolaevich
The St. Petersburg school of number theory
QA241 D4313

Vol. 25 Plotkin, Jacob M. (Ed.)
Hausdorff on ordered sets
QA171.48 H38

Vol. 24 Jahnke, Hans Niels (Ed.)
A History of analysis
QA300 H57

Vol. 23 Parshall, Karen Hunger; Rice, Adrian Clifford (Eds.)
Mathematics unbound : the evolution of an international mathematical research community, 1800-1945
QA11.2 M37

Vol. 22 Berndt, Bruce C.; Rankin, Robert Alexander (Eds.)
Ramanujan : essays and surveys
QA29.R3 R348

Vol. 21 Borel, Armand
Essays in the history of Lie groups and algebraic groups
QA387 B665

Vol. 20 McFaden, Harold H. (Traductor)
Kolmogorov in perspective
QA29.K627 K6513

Vol. 19 Grassmann, Hermann
Extension theory
QA205 G7313

Vol. 18 Albreee, Joe; Rickey, V. Frederick
A station favorable to the pursuits of science
Z6654.2 A52

Vol. 17 Hadamard, Jacques
Non-Euclidean geometry in the theory of automorphic functions
QA353.A9 H3313

Vol. 16 Lejeune Dirichlet, Peter Gustav
Lectures on number theory
QA241 L4313

Vol. 15 Curtis, Charles W.
Pioneers of representation theory : Frobenius, Burnside, Schur, & Brauer
QA176 C87

Vol. 14 Maz’ya, Vladimir A.; Shaposhnikova, T. O.
Jacques Hadamard : a universal mathematician
QA29.H18 M39

Vol. 13 Garding, Lars
Mathematics and mathematicians : mathematics in Sweden before 1950
QA27.S85 G37

Vol. 12 Rudin, Walter
The way I remember it
QA29.R78 A3 1997

Vol. 11 Barrow-Green, June
Poincare and the three body problem
QA852 B37 1997

Vol.10 Stillwell, John
Sources of hyperbolic geometry
QA685 S75

Vol. 9 Berndt, Bruce C.; Rankin, Robert Alexander
Ramanujan : letters and commentary
QA29.R3 R35

Vol. 8 Parshall, Karen Hunger; Rowe, David E.
The emergence of the American mathematical research community, 1876-1900 : J.J. Sylvester, Felix Klein, and E.H. Moore
QA13 P37

Vol. 7 Bos, H. J. M.
Lectures in the history of mathematics
QA21 B64

Vol. 6 Zdravkovska, Smilka; Duren, Peter L. (Eds.)
Golden years of Moscow mathematics2nd ed.
QA27.R8 G65 2007

Vol. 5 Mackey, George W.
The scope and history of commutative and noncommutative harmonic analysis
QA403 M33

Vol. 4 Mcarthur, Charles W.
Operations analysis in the U.S. army eighth air force in world War ii
D790 M32

Vol. 3 Askey, Richard; Duren, Peter L.Merzbach, Uta C. (Eds.)
A century of mathematics in america : Part III
QA27.U5 C45

Vol. 2 Askey, Richard; Duren, Peter L.; Merzbach, Uta C. (Eds.) 
A century of mathematics in America : Part II
QA27.U5 C45

Vol. 1 Askey, Richard; Duren, Peter L.; Merzbach, Uta C. (Eds.)
A century of mathematics in America: Part I
QA27.U5 C45