Libros nuevos de abril de 2021

Andersen, Jørgen Ellegaard (Ed.)
Geometry and physics : a festschrift in honour of Nigel Hitchin. Volume 1
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018. xi, 375.  
QC20 G45 v. I


Georgiev, Svetlin
Functional analysis with applications
Berlin : De Gruyter, 2019. ix, 393 p. -- (De Gruyter graduate) 
QA320 G46


Caines, Peter E.
Linear stochastic systems
Philadelphia : Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2018.xvii, 874 p. -- (Classics in applied mathematics ; vol. 77) 
QA402 C35 2018


Pavlović, Miroslav
Function classes on the unit disc : an introduction. -- 2nd ed.
Berlin : De Gruyter, 2019. xv, 553 p. -- (De Gruyter studies in mathematics ; vol. 52) 
QA320 P38 2019 


Chen, Jingyi (Ed.)
Geometric analysis : in honor of Gang Tian’s 60th birthday
Cham, Switzerland : Birkhäuser, an imprint of Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020. x, 616 p. -- (Progress in mathematics ; vol. 333)
QA360 G453


Rosen, Andreas
Geometric multivector analysis : from Grassmann to Dirac
Cham, Switzerland : Birkhäuser, 2019. xii, 465 p. -- (Birkhäuser Advanced Texts) 
QA184.2 R66


Diller, Justus
Functional interpretations
New Jersey : World Scientific Publishing, 2020. viii, 237 p. 
QA9.A58 D55


Shapira, Yair
Linear algebra and group theory for physicists and engineers
Cham, Switzerland : Birkhauser, 2019. xxxi, 441 p.
QA184.2 S433


Donagi, Ron (Ed.)
Integrable systems and algebraic geometry. Volume I
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2020. viii, 412 p.  -- (London Mathematical Society lecture note series ; vol. 458)
QA614.8 I55 v. 1


Wendl, Chris
Lectures on contact 3-manifolds, holomorphic curves and intersection theory
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2020. viii, 185 p. -- (Cambridge tracts in mathematics ; vol. 220) 
QA613.659 W45


Donagi, Ron (Ed.)
Integrable systems and algebraic geometry. Volume 2
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2020. viii,  528 p. -- (London Mathematical Society lecture note series ; vol. 459)
QA614.8 I55 v. 2


Wigderson, Avi
Mathematics and computation: a theory revolutionizing technology and science
Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 2019. xiii, 418 p. 
QA267.7 W54


Du, Q. (Ed.)
Handbook of numerical analysis. XXI Geometric partial differential equations - Part I
Amsterdam, The Netherlands : North-Holland, 2020. xvii, 692 p.
QA297 H28 v. XXI


Zagrebnov, Valentin
Gibbs semigroups
Cham, Switzerland : Birkhäuser, 2019. xv, 319 p. -- (Operator theory, advances and applications ; vol. 273) 
QA182 Z34


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