Libros nuevos de abril de 2020

Ayad, Mohamed
Galois theory and applications : solved exercises and problems
New Jersey : World Scientific, 2018. vii, 444 p. 
QA162 A93


Kirby, Jonathan
An invitation to model theory
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2019. xiii, 182 p.
QA9.7 K57

Baginski, Paul (Ed.)
Infinite group theory : from the past to the future
New Jersey : World Scientific, 2018. x, 247 p. 
QA178 I53

Kochubei, Anatoly (Ed.)
Handbook of fractional calculus with applications. Volume 1: basic theory
Berlin : De Gruyter, 2019. viii, 481 p. -- (De Gruyter Reference)
QA314 H35 V. 1

Benci, Vieri
How to measure the infinite : mathematics with infinite and infinitesimal numbers
New Jersey : World Scientific, 2018. xviii, 317 p.
QA299.82 B46

Kochubei, Anatoly
Handbook of fractional calculus with applications. Vol. 2 Fractional differential equations
Berlin : De Gruyter, 2019. viii, 519 p. -- (De Gruyter Reference) 
QA314 H35 V. 2

Berkovich, Yakov G.
Characters of finite groups. Volume 2. -- 2nd ed.
Berlin : De Gruyter, 2019. xxii, 701 p. 
QA177 B4713 2018 V. 2

Kubilius, Kestutis
Parameter estimation in fractional diffusion models
Cham, Switzerland : Springer ; [Milan, Italy] : Bocconi University Press, 2017. xix, 390 p.  -- (Bocconi & Springer series ; vol. 8)
QA274.75 K83


Chambers, Erin Wolf (Ed.)
Research in computational topology
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2018. xiv, 202 p. -- (Association for Women in Mathematics ; vol. 13)  
QA611 R47


Lan, Kai-Wen
Compactifications of PEL-type Shimura varieties and Kuga families with ordinary loci
New Jersey : World Scientific, 2018. xi, 567 p. 
QA353.A9 L35

Chen, Hanfu
Recursive identification and parameter estimation
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2014. xvii, 411 p.
TA168 C438


Laskin, Nick
Fractional quantum mechanics
Singapore : World Scientific, 2018. xv, 341 p.   
QC174.17M35 L37


Deng, Yuefan
Lectures, problems, and solutions for ordinary differential equations.-- 2nd ed.
Singapore : World Scientific, 2018. x, 561 p.
QA372 D455 2018


Molchanov, Ilya S.
Theory of random sets.-- 2nd ed.
London : Springer, 2017. xvi, 678 p. -- (Probability theory and stochastic modelling ; vol. 87)
QA273.5 M654 2017

Dobrow, Robert P.
Introduction to stochastic processes with R
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, 2016. xix, 479 p.   
QC20.7S8 D63


Mortad, Mohammed Hichem
Introductory topology : exercises and solutions. -- 2nd ed.
New Jersey : World Scientific, 2017. xvii, 356 p.
QA611 M627 2017


Eremeyev, Victor A.
Applications of tensor analysis in continuum mechanics
Singapore : World Scientific, 2018. ix, 415 p.
QA808.2 E72

Niculescu, Constantin
Convex functions and their applications : a contemporary approach. -- 2nd ed.
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2018. xvii, 415 p. -- (CMS books in mathematics)  
QA331.5 N53 2018



Feldman, David P.
Chaos and dynamical systems
Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 2019. xiv, 245 p.
QA614.86 F437


Rosenthal, Daniel
A readable introduction to real mathematics. -- 2nd ed.
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2018. xviii, 218 p. -- (Undergraduate texts in mathematics)
QA241 R677 2018


Finetti, Bruno de
Theory of probability : a critical introductory treatment
Chichester, UK : John Wiley & Sons, 2017. xiii, 582 p. -- (Wiley series in probability and statistics) 
QA273 F55 2017


Särkkä, Simo
Applied stochastic differential equations
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019. ix, 316 p.  -- (Institute of Mathematical Statistics textbooks ; vol. 10)
QA274.23 S226

Hill, Richard Michael
Introduction to number theory
New Jersey : World Scientific, 2018. xiv, 247 p. -- (Essential textbooks in mathematics)
QA241 H5258


Urakawa, Hajime
Geometry of biharmonic mappings : differential geometry of variational methods
New Jersey : World Scientific, 2019. x, 338 p.   
QA613.64 U73


Irvine, Andrew D. (Ed.)
Philosophy of mathematics
Burlington, Massachusetts : North Holland, 2009. (Handbook of the philosophy of science)
QA8.4 P46

Woit, Peter
Quantum theory, groups and representations : an introduction
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017. xxii, 668 p.  
QC174.17M35 W65


Yang, Lei
Hessian polyhedra, invariant theory, and Appell hypergeometric functions
Hackensack, New Jersey : World Scientific, 2018. viii, 308 p.
QA179 Y35


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